AD7799:  3通道、低噪声、低功耗、24位Σ-Δ型ADC,内置片内仪表放大器

AD7798/AD7799均为适合高精度测量应用的低功耗、低噪声、完整模拟前端,内置一个低噪声16位/24位Σ-Δ型ADC,其中含有3个差分模拟输入,还集成了片内低噪声仪表放大器,因而可直接输入小信号。当增益设置为64、更新速率为4.17 Hz时,AD7799的均方根(RMS)噪声为27 nV,AD7798的均方根(RMS)噪声为40 nV。AD7798/AD7799片内特性包括一个低端电源开关、基准电压检测、可编程数字输出引脚、熔断电流控制和一个内部时钟振荡器。输出数据速率可通过软件编程设置,可在4.17 Hz至470 Hz的范围内变化。AD7798/AD7799采用2.7 V至5.25 V电源供电,AD7798的典型功耗为300 µA,而AD7799的典型功耗为380 µA,两款器件均采用16引脚TSSOP封装。

The AD7798/AD7799 are low power, low noise, complete analog front ends for high precision measurement applications. The AD7798/AD7799 contains a low noise, 16-/24-bit Σ-Δ ADC with three differential analog inputs. The on-chip, low noise instrumentation amplifier means that signals of small amplitude can be interfaced directly to the ADC. With a gain setting of 64, the rms noise is 27 nV for the AD7799 and 40 nV for the AD7798 when the update rate equals 4.17 Hz.

On-chip features include a low-side power switch, reference detect, programmable digital output pins, burnout currents, and an internal clock oscillator. The output data rate from the part is software-programmable and can be varied from 4.17 Hz to 470 Hz.

The part operates with a power supply from 2.7 V to 5.25 V. The AD7798 consumes a current of 300 μA typical, whereas the AD7799 consumes 380 μA typical. Both devices are housed in a 16-lead TSSOP package.

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AD7799BRU Prodn 16 ld TSSOP 16 工业
AD7799BRU-REEL Prodn 16 ld TSSOP 16 工业
AD7799BRUZ Prodn 16 ld TSSOP 16 工业
AD7799BRUZ-REEL Prodn 16 ld TSSOP 16 工业
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