AD7818: 片内集成温度传感器的单通道、9 µs、10位ADC

AD7818 功能框图AD7818AD7817是10位、单通道和四通道ADC,具有片内温度传感器,可采用2.7 V至5.5 V单电源供电。各器件内置一个基于电容DAC的9 μs逐次逼近型转换器、一个±2°C精度的片内温度传感器、一个片内时钟振荡器、固有采样保持功能和一个片内基准电压源(2.5 V)。AD7816仅具有温度监控功能,采用SOIC/MSOP封装。AD7817和AD7818的片内温度传感器可以通过通道0进行访问。选择通道0并启动转换后,转换结束时产生的ADC码为环境温度的测量结果(分辨率为±0.25°C)。参见数据手册的温度测量部分。AD7817提供窄体0.15" 16引脚小型IC (SOIC)封装和16引脚超薄紧缩小型封装(TSSOP),AD7816/AD7818提供8引脚小型IC (SOIC)封装和8引脚超小型IC (MSOP)封装。

The AD7818 and AD7817 are 10-bit, single- and 4-channel A/D converters with on-chip temperature sensor that can operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply. Each part contains a 9 μs successive-approximation converter based around a capacitor DAC, an on-chip temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±2°C, an on-chip clock oscillator, inherent track-andhold functionality and an on-chip reference (2.5 V). The AD7816 is a temperature monitoring only device in a SOIC/MSOP package.The on-chip temperature sensor of the AD7817 and AD7818 can be accessed via Channel 0. When Channel 0 is selected and a conversion is initiated, the resulting ADC code at the end of the conversion gives a measurement of the ambient temperature with a resolution of ±0.25°C. See Temperature Measurement section of this data sheet.The AD7816, AD7817, and AD7818 have a flexible serial interface that allows easy interfacing to most microcontrollers. The interface is compatible with the Intel 8051, Motorola SPI® and QSPI™ protocols and National Semiconductors MICROWIRE™ protocol. For more information refer to the Serial Interface section of this data sheet.The AD7817 is available in a narrow body 0.15" 16-lead small outline IC (SOIC), in a 16-lead, thin shrink small outline package (TSSOP), while the AD7816/AD7818 come in an 8-lead small outline IC (SOIC) and an 8-lead microsmall outline IC (MSOP).

AD7818 特点
  • 10位ADC,转换时间为9 µs
  • 1个(AD7818)和4个(AD7817)单端模拟输入通道
  • AD7816仅具有温度测量功能
  • 片内温度传感器 分辨率:0.25°C;误差:±2°C(-40°C至+85°C)
  • 宽电源电压范围:2.7 V至5.5 V
  • 固有的采样保持功能
  • 2.5 V±1%片内基准电压源
  • 过温指示器
  • 转换结束时自动关断
  • 低功耗:
    4 µW(10 SPS吞吐速率时)
    40 µW(1 kSPS吞吐速率时)
    400 µW(10 kSPS吞吐速率时)
  • 灵活的串行接口
AD7818 技术指标
  • Output Type: Digital
  • Sensor Output: MICROWIRE (TM),QSPI (TM),SPI (TM)
  • Temp Res(°C/LSB): 0.25°C/LSB
  • Supply Voltage Range: +2.7V to +5.5V
  • Temp Range(s): -40 to +85
AD7818 芯片订购指
产品型号 封装 引脚 温度范围 包装和数量 报价*(100-499) 报价*1000 pcs
AD7818ARM 产品状态: 量产 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Tube, 50 $ 3.40 $ 2.70
AD7818ARM-REEL 产品状态: 量产 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Reel, 3000 - $ 2.70
AD7818ARM-REEL7 产品状态: 联络BDTIC 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Reel, 1000 - -
AD7818ARMZ 产品状态: 量产 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Tube, 50 $ 3.11 $ 2.46
AD7818ARMZ-REEL 产品状态: 量产 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Reel, 3000 - $ 2.46
AD7818ARMZ-REEL7 产品状态: 量产 8 ld MSOP 8 工业 Reel, 1000 - $ 2.46
AD7818ARZ 产品状态: 量产 8 ld SOIC 8 商业 Tube, 98 $ 3.11 $ 2.46
AD7818ARZ-REEL7 产品状态: 量产 8 ld SOIC 8 商业 Reel, 1000 - $ 2.46
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