AD9215BRUZRL7-65:  10位、65/80/105 MSPS、3 V ADC

The AD9215 is a family of monolithic, single 3 V supply, 10-bit, 65/80/105 MSPS analog-to-digital converters. This family features a high-performance sample-and-hold amplifier and voltage reference. The AD9215 uses a multistage differential pipelined architecture with output error correction logic to provide 10-bit accuracy at 105 MSPS data rates and guarantee no missing codes over the full operating temperature range.

The wide-bandwidth, truly differential sample and hold amplifier (SHA) allows for a variety of user-selectable input ranges and offsets including single-ended applications. It is suitable for multiplexed systems that switch full-scale voltage levels in successive channels and for sampling single-channel inputs at frequencies well beyond the Nyquist range. Combined with power and cost savings over previously available analog-to-digital converters, the AD9215 is suitable for applications in communications, imaging, and medical ultrasound.

A single-ended clock input is used to control all internal conversion cycles. A duty cycle stabilizer compensates for wide variations in the clock duty cycle while maintaining excellent performance. The digital output data is presented in straight binary or twos complement formats. An out-of-range signal indicates an overflow condition, which can be used with the most significant bit to determine low or high overflow.

Fabricated on an advanced CMOS process, the AD9215 is available in both a 28-lead surface-mount plastic package and a 32-lead chip-scale package, and is specified over the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

AD9215属于单芯片、10位、65/80/105 MSPS模数转换器(ADC)系列,采用3 V单电源供电,该系列均内置一个高性能采样保持放大器和基准电压源。AD9215采用多级差分流水线架构,内置输出纠错逻辑,在105 MSPS数据速率时可提供10位精度,并保证在整个工作温度范围内无失码。




AD9215BRUZRL7-65 特点
AD9215BRUZRL7-65 技术指标
Resolution (Bits) 10bit Interface Par
T-Put Rate 105MSPS Ain Range (2Vref) p-p,1 V p-p,2 V p-p
# Chan 1 SNR (dB) 59dB
Supply V Single(+3) Pkg Type CSP,SOP
Pwr Diss (max) 145mW -- --
AD9215 芯片订购指南

产品型号 产品状态 封装 引脚 温度范围
AD9215BCP-105 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BCP-105EB 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCP-105EBZ 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCP-65 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BCP-65EB 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCP-65EBZ 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCP-80 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BCP-80EB 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCP-80EBZ 量产 评估板 - 工业
AD9215BCPZ-105 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BCPZ-65 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BCPZ-80 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业
AD9215BRU-105 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRU-65 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRU-65EB 量产 评估板 28 工业
AD9215BRU-80 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRU-80EB 量产 评估板 28 工业
AD9215BRUZ-105 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRUZ-65 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRUZ-80 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRUZRL7-105 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRUZRL7-65 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
AD9215BRUZRL7-80 量产 28 ld TSSOP (4.4mm) 28 工业
  • 民用温度范围:0 ºC~+70 ºC
  • 军用温度范围:-55ºC ~+125ºC
  • 工业用温度范围:不同型号的产品的温度范围可能不同。
  • 汽车工作温度范围:-40 ℃~ +125 ℃
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