AD9461:  16-Bit, 130 MSPS ADC

The AD9461 is a 16-bit, monolithic, sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an on-chip track-and-hold circuit. It is optimized for performance, small size, and ease of use. The product operates up to 130 MSPS, providing superior SNR for instrumentation, medical imaging, and radar receivers employing baseband (<100 MHz) and IF frequencies.

The ADC requires 3.3 V and 5.0 V power supplies and a low voltage differential input clock for full performance operation. No external reference or driver components are required for many applications. Data outputs are CMOS or LVDS compatible (ANSI-644 compatible) and include the means to reduce the overall current needed for short trace distances.

Optional features allow users to implement various selectable operating conditions, including input range, data format select, and output data mode.

The AD9461 is available in a Pb-free, 100-lead, surface-mount, plastic package (100-lead TQFP/EP) specified over the industrial temperature range −40°C to +85°C.

AD9461是一款16-bit单芯片模数转换器,内置跟踪保持电路。AD9461针对高性能、小尺寸以及易用性而优化。产品的采样速率高达130 MSPS,具有出众的信噪比(SNR),适合工作在基带(<100 MHz)与IF频率的仪器仪表、医疗成像以及雷达接收机。

AD9461采用3.3 V或5.0 V电源供电,根据性能运行的需求,要求低压差分输入时钟信号。对于大多数应用来说,无需外部基准电压源或驱动器件。数据输出符合CMOS或LVDS标准(符合ANSI-644标准)且包括均值,能降低短跟踪距离所需的全部电流。同时提供一些可选特性,以供用户按照工作条件进行不同的选择,包括输入范围、数据格式选择以及输出数据模式。AD9461采用100引脚无铅表贴塑料封装(100引脚TQFP/EP),工作温度范围是:-40°C~+85°C。

AD9461 特点
AD9461 技术指标
AD9461 亮点
  1. True 16-bit linearity.
  2. High performance: outstanding SNR performance for baseband IFs in data acquisition, instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging, and radar receivers.
  3. Ease of use: on-chip reference and high input impedance track-and-hold with adjustable analog input range and an output clock simplifies data capture.
  4. Packaged in a Pb-free, 100-lead TQFP/EP package.
  5. Clock duty cycle stabilizer (DCS) maintains overall ADC performance over a wide range of clock pulse widths.
  6. OR (out-of-range) outputs indicate when the signal is beyond the selected input range.
  7. 真正的16-bit线性度。
  8. 高性能: 出众的基带中频信噪比(SNR)性能,适合数据采集、仪器仪表、核磁共振成像以及雷达接收机。
  9. 易于使用: 片上基准电压源与高输入阻抗跟踪与保持电路,其模拟输入范围可调,输出时钟简化了数据采集。
  10. 采用100引脚TQFP/EP无铅封装。
  11. 时钟占空比稳定器(DCS)在较宽的时钟脉冲宽度范围保持整体ADC性能。
  12. 当信号超过选定的输入范围时,进行OR(超出范围)输出显示。
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AD9461 芯片订购指南
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AD9461BSVZ Prodn TQFP 1.0 MM W/ THERMAL PAD 100 工业
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