LT3468-1 Photoflash Capacitor Chargers in ThinSOT™

The LT®3468/LT3468-1/LT3468-2 are highly integrated ICs designed to charge photoflash capacitors in digital and film cameras. A patented control technique* allows for the use of extremely small transformers. Each device contains an on-chip high voltage NPN power switch. Output voltage detection* is completely contained within the device, eliminating the need for any discrete zener diodes or resistors. The output voltage can be adjusted by simply changing the turns ratio of the transformer. The LT3468 has a primary current limit of 1.4A, the LT3468-2 has a 1A limit, and the LT3468-1 has a 0.7A limit. These different current limit levels result in well controlled input currents of 500mA for the LT3468, 375mA for the LT3468-2 and 225mA for the LT3468-1. Aside from the differing current limit, the three devices are otherwise equivalent.

The CHARGE pin gives full control of the part to the user. Driving CHARGE low puts the part in shutdown. The DONE pin indicates when the part has completed charging. The LT3468 series of parts are available in tiny low profile (1mm) SOT-23 packages.

*U.S. Patent # 6, 518, 733

产品特点 Features
  • Highly Integrated IC Reduces Solution Size
  • Uses Small Transformers:
    5.8mm x 5.8mm x 3mm
  • Fast Photoflash Charge Times:
    4.6s for LT3468 (0V to 320V, 100µF, VIN = 3.6V)
    5.7s for LT3468-2 (0V to 320V, 100µF, VIN = 3.6V)
    5.5s for LT3468-1 (0V to 320V, 50µF, VIN = 3.6V)
  • Controlled Input Current:
    500mA (LT3468)
    375mA (LT3468-2)
    225mA (LT3468-1)
  • Supports Operation from Single Li-Ion Cell, or Any Supply from 2.5V up to 16V
  • Adjustable Output Voltage
  • No Output Voltage Divider Needed
  • Charges Any Size Photoflash Capacitor
  • Low Profile (<1mm) SOT-23 Package
  • Digital / Film Camera Flash
  • PDA / Cell Phone Flash
  • Emergency Strobe
LT3468 典型应用
LT3468 参数
LT3468-1 订购信息和价格参考Package Variations and Pricing
器件型号 封装 引脚 温度 价格 (以 1 ~ 99 片为批量) 价格 (以 1000 片为批量) *
LT3468ES5 SOT 5 E $2.86 
LT3468ES5#TR SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.01 
LT3468ES5#TRM SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.03 
LT3468ES5#TRMPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.03 
LT3468ES5#TRPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.01 
LT3468ES5-1 SOT 5 E $2.86 
LT3468ES5-1#TRMPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.03 
LT3468ES5-1#TRPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.01 
LT3468ES5-2 SOT 5 E $2.86 
LT3468ES5-2#TRMPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.03 
LT3468ES5-2#TRPBF SOT 5 E $2.86  $2.01 
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