BYT28-300 Dual ultrafast power diode

Dual ultrafast power diode in the SOT78 (TO-220AB) plastic package

产品特点 Features
  • Soft recovery characteristic minimizes power consuming oscillations
  • Very low on-state loss
  • Output rectifiers in high-frequency switched-mode power supplies
BYT28-300 产品实物图
型号 可订购的器件编号 订购码 (12NC) 产品状态 封装
BYT28-300 BYT28-300,127 9337 443 60127 量产 SOT78 (TO-220AB)
封装版本 封装名称 封装说明
SOT78 TO-220AB plastic single-ended package; heatsink mounted; 1 mounting hole; 3-lead TO-220AB
型号 订购码 (12NC) 可订购的器件编号 化学成分
BYT28-300 BYT28-300,127 9337 443 60127 BYT28-300
BYT28-300 技术支持
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Mounting instructions for SOT78 (TO-220AB); SOT186A (TO-220F) Application note pdf
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