CGA-3318Z Dual CATV Broadband High Linearity SiGe HBT Amplifier

RFMD’s CGA-3318Z is a high performance Silicon Germanium HBT MMIC Amplifier. Designed with SiGe process technology for excellent linearity at an exceptional price. A Darlington configuration is utilized for broadband performance. The heterojunction increases breakdown voltage and minimizes leakage current between junctions. The CGA-3318Z contains two amplifiers for use in wideband Push-Pull CATV amplifiers requiring excellent second order performance. The second and third order non-linearities are greatly improved in the push-pull configuration.

技术特性 Features
  • Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, and Green Packaging
  • Excellent CSO/CTB/XMOD Performance at +34dBmV Output Power Per Tone
  • Dual Devices in Each SOIC-8 Package Simplify Push-Pull Configuration PC Board Layout
  • 5MHz to 900MHz Operation
应用领域 Applications
  • CATV Head End Driver and Predriver Amplifier
  • CATV Line Driver Amplifier
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

CGA-3318Z 功能框图

Frequency Range (Min) (MHz): 5
Frequency Range (Max) (MHz): 900
Gain (dB): 12.5
NF (dB): 4.3
OP1dB (dBm): 21
OIP3 (dBm): 38
VSUPPLY (V): 4.1
ISUPPLY (mA): 150
Package: ESOP-8

CGA-3318Z 产品实物图

订购信息 Ordering Information
  • CGA3318ZSB 5pcs Sample Bag
  • CGA3318ZSQ 25pcs Sample Bag
  • CGA3318ZSR Dual CATV Broadband HBT AMP 7” 100pcs
  • CGA3318Z Dual CATV Broadband HBT AMP 7” 500pcs
  • CGA3318ZPCK-410 50MHz to 870MHz Eval Bd & 5 Loose Pieces
  • CGA3318ZPCK-411 5MHz to 100MHz Eval Bd & 5 Loose Pieces
订购信息 Ordering Information
订购型号 MOQ*             INC*             Packaging and Shipping Details QTY Per 1 EA
CGA3318ZSQ 25 EA 25 EA Standard 25 Piece Bag Shipping From Beijing 1+ $1.71
CGA3318ZSR 100 EA 100 EA Standard 100 Piece 7" Short Reel Shipping From Beijing 100+ $1.53
CGA3318Z 500 EA 500 EA Standard 500 Piece 13" Reel Shipping From Beijing 750+ $1.47
CGA3318ZPCK-410 1 EA 1 EA Standard 1 Shipping From Greensboro 1+ $150.00
CGA3318ZPCK-411 1 EA 1 EA Standard 1 Shipping From Greensboro 1+ $150.00

应用技术支持与电子电路设计开发资源下载 大小(KB) 版本信息
CGA-3318Z 数据资料DataSheet下载:CGA-3318Z Dual CATV Broadband High Linearity SiGe HBT Amplifier 412 DS120502
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