RF2174 3V DCS Power Amplifier

The RF2174 is a high power, high efficiency power amplifier module offering high performance in GSM or GPRS applications. The device is manufactured on an advanced GaAs HBT process, and has been designed for use as the final RF amplifier in DCS1800/1900 hand-held digital cellular equipment and other applications in the 1700MHz to 2000MHz band. On-board power control provides over 65dB of control range with an analog voltage input, and provides power down with a logic "low" for standby operation. The device is self-contained with 50Ω input and the output can be easily matched to obtain optimum power and efficiency characteristics. The RF2174 can be used together with the RF2173 for dual-band operation. The device is packaged in an ultra-small plastic package, minimizing the required board space.

技术特性 Features
  • Single 2.7V to 4.8V Supply Voltage
  • +33dBm Output Power at 3.5V
  • 27dB Gain with Analog Gain Control
  • 51% Efficiency
  • 1700MHz to 1950MHz Operation
  • Supports DCS1800 and PCS1900
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

RF2174 功能框图

Frequency Range (Min) (MHz): 1700
Frequency Range (Max) (MHz): 2000
Gain (dB): 27
VSUPPLY (V): 3.5
Package: QFN-16
应用领域 Applications
  • 3V DCS1800 (PCN) Cellular Handsets
  • 3V DCS1900 (PCS) Cellular Handsets
  • 3V Dual-Band/Triple-Band Handsets
  • Commercial and Consumer Systems
  • Portable Battery-Powered Equipment
  • GPRS Compatible

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