RF3934D 120W GaN on SiC Power Amplifier Die

The RF3934D is a 48V, 120W, GaN on SiC high power discrete amplifier die designed for commercial wireless infrastructure, cellular and WiMAX infrastructure, industrial/scientific/medical and general purpose broadband amplifier applications. Using an advanced high power density Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor process, the RF3934D is able to achieve high efficiency and flat gain over a broad frequency range in a single amplifier design with proper packaging and assembly. The RF3934D is an unmatched 0.5mm gate, GaN transistor die suitable for many applications with > 51dBm saturated power, > 60% saturated drain efficiency, and > 13dB small signal gain at 2GHz.

技术特性 Features
  • Broadband Operation DC-4GHz
  • Advanced GaN HEMT Technology
  • Packaged Small Signal Gain = 13dB at 2GHz
  • 48V Typical Packaged Performance
  • Output Power 140W at P3dB
  • Drain Efficiency 60% at P3dB
  • Large Signal Models Available
  • Chip Dimensions: 0.96mm x 4.57mm x 0.10mm
  • Active Area Periphery:  22.2mm
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

RF3934D    功能框图

订购信息 Ordering Information
  • RF3934D 120W GaN on SiC Power Amplifier Die
Frequency Range (Min) (MHz): 0
Frequency Range (Max) (MHz): 4000
Gain (dB): 13
ISUPPLY (mA): 440
Package: Die
应用领域 Applications
  • Commercial Wireless Infrastructure
  • Cellular and WiMAX Infrastructure
  • Civilian and Military Radar
  • General Purpose Broadband Amplifiers
  • Public Mobile Radios
  • Industrial, Scientific, and Medical

RF3934D    产品实物图

订购信息 Ordering Information
订购型号 MOQ*             INC*             Packaging and Shipping Details QTY Per 1 EA
RF3934D 1 EA 1 EA Standard 1 Piece Waffle Pack Shipping From Broomfield 1+ $210.90
        25+ $145.97
        100+ $114.70

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