The RFCP4792 Surface Mount Coupler is designed for applications that require small, low cost, and highly reliable surface mount components. Applications may be found in broadband, wireless, and other communications systems. These units are built Lead-Free and RoHS compliant. S-Parameters are available on request.

技术特性 Features
  • Frequency Range 5MHz to 1000MHz
  • Low Cost and RoHS Compliant
  • Industry Standard SMT package
  • Available in Tape-and-Reel
  • 75Ω Characteristic Impedance
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

RFCP4792 功能框图

订购信息 Ordering Information
  • RFCP4792SQ Sample bag with 25 pieces
  • RFCP4792SR 13” Sample Reel with 100 pieces
  • RFCP4792TR13 13” Reel with 1000 pieces
应用领域 Applications
  • Broadband/CATV
  • Wireles
Frequency Range (Min) (MHz): 5
Frequency Range (Max) (MHz): 1000
Package: S-18
Characteristic Impedance (Ω): 75
Nominal Coupling (dB): 17
Coupling Flatness (dB): +/-0.65
Mainline Loss (dB): 0.75
Directivity (dB): 14
Minimum Return Loss (dB): 18

RFCP4792 产品实物图

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RFCP4792 数据资料DataSheet下载:PDF 424 DS120514