54ACT74 Rad-Hard Dual D-Type Flip-Flop With Preset & Clear

The 54AC and 54ACT series represent over 60 product types with different high-speed CMOS functions, specifically designed to meet the radiation requirements of the aerospace industry. They include a large set of gates, Flip-Flops, multiplexers, counters, bus interfaces, and several other functions. Their radiation hardness, immunity from single-event latch-up (SEL) and single-event upset (SEU), and housing in hermetic packages make them suitable for the most difficult environmental conditions. The complete specification for each type is available from the DSCC web site: www.dscc.dla.mil. ST guarantees full compliance of qualified parts with these DSCC specifications.

54ACT74 特点
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54ACT74 数据手册
Description Version Size
DB0998: Rad-hard advanced high-speed 5 V CMOS logic series 2 304KB
54ACT74 technical paramerers
Part Number SMD PIN/Detailed Spec Quality Level EPPL Other(comments) Hi-Rel Package Lead Finish Packing Typ Package: Product Marking Mass
RHFACT74K02V 5962F87525 03VXA QML-V Flight     Flat-14 Solder Dip Carrier Tape 5962F87525 03VXA 0.7
RHFACT74K01V 5962F87525 03VXC QML-V Flight     Flat-14 Gold Carrier Tape 5962F87525 03VXC 0.7
RHFACT74K1   Engineering Model     Flat-14 Gold Carrier Tape RHFACT74K1 0.7
RHFACT74D03V 5962F87525 03VCC QML-V Flight     DIL-14 Gold Carrier Tape 5962F87525 03VCC 2.2
54ACT74 ST pricing Free Samples
Part Number Marketing Restriction Marketing Status Free Samples
RHFACT74K02V Public Active Not Available
RHFACT74K01V Public Active Not Available
RHFACT74K1 Public Active Not Available
RHFACT74D03V Public Active Not Available