54VCXH162373 Rad-Hard 16-bit D-Type Latch 3-state

The 54VCXH162373 is a low voltage CMOS 16 bit d-type latch with 3 state outputs non inverting fabricated with sub-micron silicon gate and five-layer metal wiring C²MOS technology. It is ideal for low power and very high speed 1.65 to 3.6 V applications; it can be interfaced to 3.6 V signal environment for both inputs and outputs. These 16 bit D-type latches are bite controlled by two latch enable inputs (nLE) and two output enable inputs (OE). While the nLE input is held at a high level, the nQ outputs will follow the data input precisely. When the nLE is taken low, the nQ outputs will be in a normal logic state (high or low logic level) and while high level the outputs will be in a high impedance state. Bus hold on data inputs is provided in order to eliminate the need for external pull-up or pull-down resistor. The device circuits is including 26 Ω series resistance in the outputs. These resistors permit to reduce line noise in high speed applications. All inputs and outputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge, giving them 2 kV ESD immunity and transient excess voltage.

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RHFXH162373K03V Active 1.5 1000 Flat-48 Carrier Tape   RHFXH162373K03V
RHRXH162373K1 Active 1.5 1000 Flat-48 Carrier Tape   RHRXH162373K1
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DS3954: Rad hard low voltage CMOS 16-bit D-type latch (3-state) with 3.6 V tolerant inputs and outputs 7 501KB