54VCXH162374 Rad-Hard 16-bit D-Type Flip-Flop 3-state

The 54VCXH162374 is a low voltage CMOS 16 bit d-type flip-flop with 3 state outputs non inverting fabricated with sub-micron silicon gate and five-layer metal wiring C²MOS technology. It is ideal for low power and very high speed 1.65 to 3.6 V applications; it can be interfaced to 3.6 V signal environment for both inputs and outputs. These 16 bit d-type flip-flops are controlled by two clock inputs (nCK) and two output enable inputs (nOE). On the positive transition of the (nCK), the nQ outputs will be set to the logic state that were setup at the nD inputs. While the (nOE) input is low, the 8 outputs (nQ) will be in a normal state (HIGH or LOW logic level) and while high level the outputs will be in a high impedance state. Any output control does not affect the internal operation of flip flops; that is, the old data can be retained or the new data can be entered even while the outputs are OFF.

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RHFXH162374K03V Active 1.5 1000 Flat-48 Carrier Tape   RHFXH162374K03V
RHRXH162374K1 Active 1.5 1000 Flat-48 Carrier Tape   RHRXH162374K1
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DS3955: Rad hard low voltage CMOS 16-bit d-type flip-flop (3-state) with 3.6 V tolerant inputs and outputs 7 492KB