HCC4022B Rad-Hard Divide-By-8 Counter/Divider

The HCC40xxx and HCC45xxx series are composed of over 70 types of high voltage CMOS functions, offering a set of highly noise tolerant gates, Flip-Flops, multiplexers, counters, bus interfaces and several other functions. The radiation hardness, the single event latch-up (SEL) and the single event upset (SEU) immunity and the housing in hermetic packages of all types of both series make them usable in the most difficult environmental conditions.

The complete specification of each type is available from the European Space Components Coordination web site (ESCC): https://spacecomponents.org/. ST guarantees full compliance of qualified parts with these ESCC detailed specifications.

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HCC4022BK Active   1000 Flat-16 Carrier Tape   HCC4022BK
HCC4022BD Active   1000 DIL-16 Carrier Tape   HCC4022BD
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DS6709: Rad-hard high voltage CMOS logic series 3 298KB