M54HC365 Rad-Hard Hex Bus Buffer (3-State)

The M54HCxxx and M54HCTxxx series are composed of over 90 types of high speed CMOS functions specifically designed to meet the radiation requirements of the aerospace industry. It includes a large set of gates, Flip-Flops, Multiplexers, Counters, Bus interface and several other functions. The radiation hardness, the single event latch-up (SEL) immunity and the housing in hermetic packages of all types of both series make them ideally suited for use in the most difficult environmental conditions.

M54HC365 订购信息
订购型号 产品状态 美金价格 数量 封装 包装形式 温度范围 材料声明
M54HC365K Active 0.7 1000 Flat-16 Carrier Tape   M54HC365K
M54HC365D Active 2.2 1000 DIL-16 Carrier Tape   M54HC365D
描述 版本 大小
DS6794: Rad-hard high speed 2 to 6 V CMOS logic series 2 302KB