STB0899 Multistandard advance demodulator STB0899 digital TV satellite STB

The STB0899 advanced demodulator from STMicroelectronics enables digital set-top boxes to process base-band DVB-S2 signals into digital video transport stream data. This data is then ready to be fed directly to the STB decoder.

By incorporating the DVB-S standard, the STB0899 supports seamless migration to DVB-S2 services.

The STB0899 and STB6100 silicon tuner may be coupled with a decoder from ST’s OMEGA range, thus forming a complete silicon solution for DVB-S / DVB-S2 set-top boxes.

The interface between these devices has been designed to ensure simple layouts and the lowest possible bill of materials cost.

  • DVB-Q2 demodulator and decoder
    • QPSK, 8PSK, 4 + 12 APSK
    • Hierarchical 8PSK enhanced processor
    • DVB-S2 pilot processing
    • LDPC and BCH decoding
    • Supports all DVB-S2 bit rates
    • DVB-S2 framing
  • Legacy support for DVB-S and DIRECTV® QPSK modes
  • Digital carrier and timing recovery loops
  • Compatible with direct conversion tuners
    • Dual 8-bit analogue conversion
    • Dual Σ∆ digital split AGC RF/BB
    • Wide range carrier tracking loop
    • Flexible clock generation
  • Transport decoder
    • Compliant with DVB common interface
    • 12-bit parallel and 7-bit serial interface
  • DiSEqC 2.0 22 kHz to 100 kHz interface
  • TQPFP 100 exposed pad package
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