STV0367 Low-power and ultra-compact combo DVB-T/C single-chip receiver

The STV0367 inherits the functionality of the industry-leading enhanced STV0362 terrestrial and STV0297E cable demodulators in one single advanced combo receiver.

The STV0367 COFDM section of the receiver is fully compliant with the DVB-T standard framing structure, channel coding and modulation. The symbol, timing and carrier recovery loops are completely digital and tailored to comply with state-of-the-art RF down-converting tuner devices.

The STV0367 DVB-C section is a complete QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) demodulation and FEC (forward error correction) solution that performs IF-to-transport stream block processing of QAM signals.

The demodulator provides error-corrected MPEG transport-stream outputs which can be routed to the transport sub-system.

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STV0367 Active   1000 LQFP 64 7x7x1.0 Tray    
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STV0367 : DB1297: Low-power and ultra-compact combo DVB-T/C single-chip receiver 1 67KB