STV0900 Multi-standard advanced dual demodulator for satellite digital TV and data services set-top boxes

The STV0900 features a high speed DVB-S2 Forward Error Corrector (FEC) which is designed to handle up to 180 Mega Channel bits per second at its input. To feed the FEC the STV0900 implements two identical demodulators, each capable of handling QPSK legacy, DVBS2 constant coding and modulation for satellite broadcast and Advanced Coding and Modulation for interactive services. The STV0900 supports mode switching on a frame basis without synchronization or data loss.

  • Demodulation
    • RF interfaces
    • Each demodultor can handle:
      • DVBS2 QPSK, 8PSK and 16APSK
      • Digital Nyquist root filter
      • With 0.20, 0.25, 0.35 excess bandwidth factors.
    • DVBS2 broadcasting (CCM)
    • DVBS2 adaptative (ACM)
  • Dual decoding
    • Up to 180 Mega DVBS2 channel bits per second (Mcbps) at input to FEC
    • Up to 130 Mcbps DVBS or DIRECTVTM legacy per FEC
    • Legacy DVB-S
    • DVB-S2
  • Transport stream management
    • Dual data to MPEG decoder
    • Single ACM data to microprocessor
    • DVB-S2 framing
  • Interfaces
    • Dedicated 27 MHz clock generation for back-end decoder
    • I²C serial bus interface
    • JTAG interface - boundary scan
    • 2 DiSEqCTM 2.x interfaces
    • GPIOs and interrupt lines
    • Monitoring through I²C serial interface
  • Technology
    • 90 nm CMOS process
    • Multi supply: 1.0 V core, 2.5 V analog, 3.3 V digital interfaces
    • Power saving features
  • Package
    • Exposed PAD LQFP 128 14x14, 0.4 pitch
    • 4 layer PCB recommended.
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订购型号 产品状态 美金价格 数量 封装 包装形式 温度范围 材料声明
STV0900AAB Active   1000 LQFP-EP 128 14x14x1.4 Tray    
STV0900BAB Active   1000 LQFP-EP 128 14x14x1.4 Tray    
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STV0900 : Multistandard advanced dual demodulator for Satellite Digital TV and Data services set-top boxes 1 700KB
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FLSTV09000608 : STV0900 -Advanced dual demodulator for satellite digital-TV set-top boxes 1.0.0 193KB