Infineon Professional Package

The provides management functions for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which was unavailable in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Starting with Windows® Vista and extended in all ensuing versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1) Microsoft has built in support for the TPM and extended management functions directly in Windows.

stopped further development

The Infineon TPM Professional Package therefore is no longer required and Infineon has and support for this product.

contact your vendor directly

If you have received the Professional Package from your PC vendor directly and are looking for support, please . Infineon does not provide end user support.

The Infineon TPM Professional Package 4.3

provides unique TPM management and policy configuration features for businesses, IT managers and end users and supports different platform types, operating systems and multiple languages. The user friendly interface and configuration wizards guide the user through configuration processes and allow to easily set up the TPM for authentication, data integrity, system integrity, confidentiality and availability.   The TPM management feature allows easy configuration of the platform to the TPM environment. It provides multi-faceted applications, to ensure that it is communicating to a trusted platform, whilst supporting seamless authentication with smart cards, secured USB and biometric devices.   The key management features allow generation of keys and certificates through the TPM security chip; TPM-keys backup and restore; migration of keys and certificates; import of externally generated keys and certificates according to PKCS#12; and password reset.   The data management features allow important documents and data files to be stored securely, whilst authorized users can still access them easily. It supports Microsoft Encrypted File System (EFS), Personal Secure Drive (PSD), encrypted virtual drive, e-mail programs and web browsers encrypting and digital signing. It helps to protect against unauthorized access from network snoopers and hackers.   Infineon Technologies is committed to providing certified world-class security solutions that comply with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standards in order to address the complex requirements of today’s 24 x 7 network environments.   PC manufacturers benefit from the complete Infineon TPM hardware and software stack since they can offer their customers an instant and out of the box solution with valuable features to use the TPM and better protect users’ computers.

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