LTC1706-82 - VID Voltage Programmer for Intel VRM9.0/9.1

The LTC®1706-82 is a precision, digitally programmed, resistive ladder which adjusts the output of any 0.8V referenced regulator. Depending on the state of the five VID inputs, an output voltage between 1.10V and 1.85V is programmed in 25mV increments.

The LTC1706-82 is designed specifically to program an entire family of Linear Technology DC/DC converters in full compliance with the Intel VRM9.0/9.1 specifications.

The LTC1706-82 programs the following Linear Technology DC/DC converters: LTC1628, LTC1629, LTC1702, LTC1735, LTC1735-1, LTC1929 and LTC3729.

For a compact VRM9.0/9.1 solution with up to 60A capability, see the LTC3732, a 3-phase synchronous controller with integrated 5-bit VID and MOSFET drivers.

  • Fully Compliant with the Intel VRM9.0/9.1 VID Specification
  • Programs Regulator Output Voltage from 1.10V to 1.85V in 25mV Steps
  • Programs an Entire Family of Linear Technology DC/DC Converters
  • ±0.25% Accurate Voltage Divider
  • Built-In 40k Pull-Up Resistors on Program Inputs
  • Available in MSOP-10 Packaging
LTC1706-82 Typical Application
  • Intel Pentium® III Processor Power Supply
  • Multiprocessor Workstations and Servers
  • Multiphase Processor Power Supply
  • AMD Athlon™ Processor Power Supply
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LTC1706-82 - VID Voltage Programmer for Intel VRM9.0/9.1
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