LTC1706-85 - VID Voltage Programmer for Intel VRM 8.5

The LTC®1706-85 is a precision, digitally programmed resistive ladder which adjusts the output of any 0.8V-referenced regulator. Depending on the state of the five VID inputs, an output voltage between 1.05V and 1.825V is programmed in 25mV increments.

The LTC1706-85 is designed specifically to program an entire family of Linear Technology DC/DC converters in full compliance with the Intel Voltage Regulator Module(VRM) 8.5 specification.

The LTC1706-85 programs the following Linear Technology DC/DC converter products: LTC1622, LTC1628, LTC1629, LTC1702, LTC1735, LTC1735-1, LTC1772, LTC1773, LTC1778, LTC1929, LTC3728 and LTC3729.

Consult factory for additional DC/DC converter products compatible with the LTC1706-85.

  • Fully Compliant with the Intel VRM 8.5 VID Specification
  • Programs Regulator Output Voltage from 1.05V to 1.825V in 25mV Steps
  • Programs an Entire Family of Linear Technology DC/DC Converters with 0.8V References
  • ±0.25% Voltage Programming Accuracy
  • Built-In 40k Pull-Up Resistors on Program Inputs
  • Available in MSOP-10 Packaging
LTC1706-85 Typical Application
  • Server/Desktop Computers
  • Multiprocessor Workstations and Servers
  • Multiphase Processor Power Supply
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LTC1706-85 - VID Voltage Programmer for Intel VRM 8.5
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