Smart factories, industrial and medical applications employ the flexibility and high performance of modern FPGAs. As these systems become increasingly connected, security emerges as a paramount feature to protect IP, enable system features using software and prevent counterfeiting. The Alcatraz (MAXREFDES34#) subsystem reference design uses the DS28E15 to immediately implement SHA-256 authentication on Xilinx® FPGAs. The DS28E15 communicates over the single-contact 1-Wire® bus, reducing the number of pins necessary to carry out the solution. The reference code defines a combined SHA-256 processor and 1-Wire Master on the host FPGA. For more information see reference design 5822, "Alcatraz (MAXREFDES34#): SHA-256 Secure Authentication Design."

  • SHA-256 Authentication
  • Single-Contact 1-Wire Interface
  • Example Source Code
  • Pmod-Compatible Form Factor