DS1904Real-Time Clock iButton®20000204
DS1920Temperature iButton®19990816
DS1961SSHA Monetary iButton®20020906
DS1963SSHA Monetary iButton®20000510
DS1971256 bit EEPROM iButton®19990820
DS19721024-Bit EEPROM iButton®20060517
DS19734k bit EEPROM iButton®20000502
DS197732k Byte EEPROM iButton®20030908
DS19821k bit Add-Only iButton®20000118
DS1982UUniqueWare iButton®20000107
DS198516k bit Add-Only iButton®19990902
DS1990ASerial Number iButton®19990819
DS1990RSerial Number iButton®20050527
DS19921k bit iButton®19990121
DS19934k bit iButton®19990121
DS199516k bit Memory iButton®19990719
DS199664k bit Memory iButton®19990910
MAX66240Secure Authenticator with ISO 15693 SHA-256 and 4Kb User EEPROM
MAX66242Secure Authenticator with ISO 15693 I2C SHA-256 and 4Kb User EEPROM
MAX66300Secure ISO/IEC 15693 RFID Reader IC with SHA-256 Engine for Tag Authentication