CAT9532: I/O Port Expander, I2C / SMBus, 16-Bit, with LED Dimming

The CAT9532 is a CMOS device that provides 16-bit parallel input/output port expander optimized for LED dimming control. The CAT9532 outputs can drive directly 16 LEDs in parallel. Each individual LED may be turned ON, OFF, or blinking at one of two programmable rates. The device provides a simple solution for dimming LEDs in 256 brightness steps for backlight and color mixing applications. The CAT9532 is suitable in I2C and SMBus compatible applications where it is necessary to limit the bus traffic or free-up the bus master's timer. The CAT9532 contains an internal oscillator and two PWM signals that drive the LED outputs. The user can program the period and duty cycle for each individual PWM signal. After the initial set-up command to program the Blink Rate 1 and Blink Rate 2 (frequency and duty cycle), only one command from the bus master is required to turn each individual open drain output ON, OFF, or cycle at Blink Rate 1 or Blink Rate 2. Each open drain LED output can provide a maximum output current of 25 mA. The total current sunk by all I/Os must not exceed 200 mA.

  • I/Os can be Used as GPIOs
  • 16 LED Drivers with Dimming Control
  • 256 Brightness Steps
  • 16 Open Drain Outputs Drive 25 mA Each
  • 2 Selectable Programmable Blink Fates: - Frequency: 0.593 Hz to 152 Hz - Duty Cycle: 0% to 99.6%
  • 400 kHz I2C Bus Compatible
  • 2.3 V to 5.5 V Operation
  • 5.0 V Tolerant I/Os
  • Active Low Reset Input
  • Suitable for control, or data transfer, and LED control
  • Backlighting
  • RGB color mixing
  • Sensors control
  • Power switches, push-buttons
  • Alarm systems
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SOIC-24, 300 mils751BK (57.1kB)revo
TQFN24, 4x4510AG (57.0kB)B
TSSOP24, 4.4x7.8948AR (56.4kB)A
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I/O Port Expander, I2C / SMBus, 16-Bit, with LED DimmingCAT9532/D (197kB)5Oct, 2016
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CAT9532HV6I-GT2ActivePb-free Halide freeTQFN-24510AG1Tape and Reel2000$1.3333
CAT9532WILast ShipmentsPb-free Halide freeSOIC-24W751BK3Tube31
CAT9532WI-T1Last ShipmentsPb-free Halide freeSOIC-24W751BK3Tape and Reel1000
CAT9532YILast ShipmentsPb-free Halide freeTSSOP-24948AR1Tube62
CAT9532YI-T2ActivePb-free Halide freeTSSOP-24948AR1Tape and Reel2000$1.2666
ProductI/OCascadableVCC Min (V)VCC Max (V)Interrupt OutputI/O PullupsLED Blink/PWMIO Min (mA)
CAT9532HV6I-GT2168 Slave ID Addresses2.35.5NoNoYes25
CAT9532YI-T2168 Slave ID Addresses2.35.5NoNoYes25
I/O Port Expander, I2C / SMBus, 16-Bit, with LED Dimming (197kB) CAT9532
TQFN24, 4x4 CAT9555
SOIC-24, 300 mils CAT9555
TSSOP24, 4.4x7.8 CAT9555