CM1213: Low Capacitance ESD Protection Arrays

for electronic components or sub-systems requiring minimal capacitive loading. These devices are ideal for protecting systems with high data and clock rates or for circuits requiring low capacitive loading. Each ESD channel consists of a pair of diodes in series which steer the positive or negative ESD current pulse to either the positive (VP) or negative (VN) supply rail. A Zener diode is embedded between VP and VN, offering two advantages. First, it protects the VCC rail against ESD strikes,and second, it eliminates the need for a bypass capacitor that would otherwise be needed for absorbing positive ESD strikes to ground. The CM1213 will protect against ESD pulses up to ±8kV per the IEC 61000-4-2 standard.

  • 6 or 8 channels of ESD protection
  • Channel input capacitance matching of 0.02pFtypical is ideal for differential signals
  • Available in SOIC and MSOP, lead-freepackaging
  • General purpose high-speed data line ESD protection, USB2.0, DVI, SATA
  • desktop PCs, notebooks, set top boxes, digital TVs, LCD displays
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Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
6 and 8-Channel Low Capacitance ESD Protection ArraysCM1213/D (378.0kB)5
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Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevision
MSOP 10, 3x3846AE (56.4kB)revo
Micro 8 lead Surface Mount846A-02 (57.7kB)J
SOIC-8 Narrow Body751-07 (62.6kB)AK
SOT-23, 5 Lead, 1.6x2.9527AH (56.9kB)revo
产品状况Compliance封装MSL*容器预算价格 (1千个数量的单价)
CM1213-02SOLast ShipmentsPb-free Halide freeSOT-23-8527AH1Tape and Reel3000
CM1213-06MRActivePb-free Halide freeMicro8™846A-021Tape and Reel4000$0.4
CM1213-06SMLast ShipmentsPb-free Halide freeSOIC-8751-071Tape and Reel2500
CM1213-08MRActivePb-free Halide freeMSOP-10846AE1Tape and Reel4000$0.4
ProductInterfaceNumber of LinesDirectionC Max (pF)V(BR) Min (V)VRWM Max (V)IR Max (µA)PPK Max (W)
CM1213-06MRHDMI 1.2 USB 2.0 DVI6Unidirectional1.563.310.4
CM1213-08MRHDMI 1.2 DVI USB 2.08Unidirectional1.563.310.4
6 and 8-Channel Low Capacitance ESD Protection Arrays (378.0kB) CM1213
SOT-23, 5 Lead, 1.6x2.9 CM1223
Micro 8 lead Surface Mount CM1216
SOIC-8 Narrow Body CM1216
MSOP 10, 3x3 CM1293A