ROHM’s spindle motor drivers incorporate the 3-phase full-wave pseudo-linear drive system(BA6859AFP-Y, BA6664FM)and 180 ° electrifying direct PWM drive system(BD6671FM).Smooth rotation characteristic performance is ensured.Besides, high torque is provided in a wide output range because the output stage incorporates low-saturation voltage NPNtransistors (BA6859AFP-Y, BA6664FM) and low-power consumption MOSFET (BA6671FM).

UsageCD / DVD
Number of Channels1.0
  • 3-phase full-wave pseudo-linear system (BA6859AFP-Y, BA6664FM)
  • 180° electrifying direct drive PWM system (BD6671FM)
  • Power saving, TSD (thermal shutdown) functions built in
  • Current limiting, Hall bias circuit built in
  • FG output built in
  • 3-phase component FG output built in (BA6664FM, BD6671FM)
  • Circuit direction detection function built in (BA6859AFP-Y, BA6664FM)
  • 8) Reverse rotation prevention circuit built in
  • 9) Short brake pin built in (BA6859AFP-Y, BA6664FM)
  • 10) Brake mode selection pin built in (BA6859AFP-Y, BD6671FM)
  • 11) Supports DSP 3.3 V
1ch System Motor Driver ICs - BD6671FM BD6671FM
Part Explanation BA12004BF
Package Information BD8119FM-M