ADM3232E ±15 kV ESD Protected, 3.3 V, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver

The ADM3232E transceiver is a high speed, 2-channel RS-232/V.28 interface device that operates from a single 3.3 V power supply. Low power consumption makes it ideal for battery-powered portable instruments. The ADM3232E conforms to the EIA-232E and CCITT V.28 specifications and operates at data rates up to 460 kbps. Applications

All RS-232 (T_OUT and R_IN) and TTL/CMOS (T_IN and R_OUT) inputs and outputs are protected against electrostatic discharges (up to ±15 kV ESD protection). This ensures compliance with IEC 1000-4-2 requirements.

This device is ideally suited for operation in electrically harsh environments or where RS-232 cables are frequently plugged/ unplugged, with the ±15 kV ESD protection of the ADM3232E input/output pins.

Emissions are also controlled to within very strict limits. CMOS technology is used to keep the power dissipation to an absolute minimum, allowing maximum battery life in portable applications.

Four external 0.1 μF charge pump capacitors are used for the voltage doubler/inverter, permitting operation from a single 3.3 V supply.

The ADM3232E is available in a 16-lead narrow SOIC package, as well as a space-saving 16-lead TSSOP.

Features and Benefits
  • Data rate: 460 kbps
  • 2 Tx and 2 Rx
  • Meets EIA-232E specifications
  • 0.1 μF charge pump capacitors
  • ESD protection to IEC1000-4-2 (801.2) on TTL/CMOS and RS-232 I/Os
  • Contact discharge: ±8 kV
  • Air gap discharge: ±15 kV
Interface & Isolation
Data Sheets
ADM3232E: ±15 kV ESD Protected, 3.3 V, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver Data Sheet (Rev. B)PDF 260 kB
Order Information
Part NumberPackagePacking QtyTemp RangePrice 100-499Price 1000+RoHS
ADM3232EARNZ Production16 ld SOICOTH 48-40 to 85C1.511.37Y
ADM3232EARNZ-REEL7 Production16 ld SOICREEL 1000-40 to 85C01.37Y
ADM3232EARUZ Production16 ld TSSOPOTH 96-40 to 85C1.511.37Y
ADM3232EARUZ-REEL7 Production16 ld TSSOPREEL 1000-40 to 85C01.37Y
ADM3232EARWZ Production16 ld SOIC - WideOTH 47-40 to 85C1.511.37Y
ADM3232EARWZ-REEL Production16 ld SOIC - WideREEL 1000-40 to 85C01.37Y
Reference Materials
ADM3232E: ±15 kV ESD Protected, 3.3 V, RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver Data Sheet (Rev. B) adm3232e
RS-232 Transceivers Applications Bulletin (Summer 2008) adm3251e