ADM561 Ultralow Power, Active High Shutdown and an Active Low Receiver Enable

The ADM560/ADM561 are four driver/five receiver interface devices designed to meet the EIA-232 standard while operating with a single +3.3 V power supply. The devices feature an on-board dc-to-dc converter, eliminating the need for dual ±5 V power supplies. This dc-dc converter contains a voltage doubler and voltage inverter which internally generates ±6.6 V from the input +3.3 V power supply.

The ADM560 and ADM561 consume only 5 mW making them ideally suited for battery and other power-sensitive applications. A shutdown facility is also provided which reduces the power to 0.66 µW.

The ADM560 contains active low shutdown and active high receiver enable signals. In shutdown mode, two receivers remain active thereby allowing monitoring of peripheral devices. This feature allows the device to be shut down until a peripheral device begins communication. The active receivers can alert the processor which can then take the ADM560 out of the shutdown mode.

The ADM561 features active high shutdown and an active low receiver enable. In this device all receivers are disabled in shutdown.

The ADM560/ADM561 is fabricated using CMOS technology for minimal power consumption. It features a high level of over-voltage protection and latch-up immunity. The receiver inputs can withstand up to ±25 V levels. The transmitter inputs can be driven from either 3V or 5V logic levels. This allows operation in mixed 3 V/5 V power supply systems.

The ADM560/ADM561 is packaged in a 28-pin SO and a 28-pin SSOP package.

Features and Benefits
  • RS-232 Compatible
  • Operates with 3 V or 5 V Logic
  • Ultralow Power CMOS: 1.3 mA Operation
  • Low Power Shutdown: 0.2 µA
  • Suitable for Serial Port Mice
  • 116 kbits/s Data Rate
  • 1 µF Charge Pump Capacitors
  • Single +3 V to +3.6 V Power Supply
  • Two Receivers Active in Shutdown (ADM560)
Interface & Isolation
Data Sheets
ADM560/ADM561: Ultralow Power, +3.3V, RS-232 Notebook PC Serial Port Drivers/Receivers Data Sheet (Rev. B)PDF 240 kB
Order Information
Part NumberPackagePacking QtyTemp RangePrice 100-499Price 1000+RoHS
ADM561JR Obsolete28 ld SOIC - WideOTH 270 to 70C00N
ADM561JRS Obsolete28 ld SSOPOTH 470 to 70C00N
ADM561JRS-REEL Obsolete28 ld SSOPREEL 15000 to 70C00N
ADM561JRSZ Production28 ld SSOPOTH 470 to 70C2.812.54Y
ADM561JRSZ-REEL Production28 ld SSOPREEL 15000 to 70C02.54Y
ADM561JRZ Production28 ld SOIC - WideOTH 270 to 70C2.672.41Y
ADM561JRZ-REEL Production28 ld SOIC - WideREEL 10000 to 70C02.41Y
Reference Materials
ADM560/ADM561: Ultralow Power, +3.3V, RS-232 Notebook PC Serial Port Drivers/Receivers Data Sheet (Rev. B) adm560
RS-232 Transceivers Applications Bulletin (Summer 2008) adm3251e
RS-232 Transceivers Cross Reference Guide adm2486
ADI RS-485/RS-422 Cross Reference Guide adm2486
Interface Primer adm3491