C166®S V1 Architecture & Core

The C166®S V1 is an enhanced member of the Infineon family of full featured 16-bit single-chip microcontrollers. It combines high CPU performance with high peripheral functionality. Several key features contribute to the high performance of the C166®S V1 (the indicated timings refer to a CPU clock of 100 MHz):

Application Notes
AP24026 - EMC and System-ESD Design Guidelines for Board LayoutEN2.9 MB15 Mar 201603_05
OCDS Level 1 JTAG Connector544 KB02 Jan 2012
User Manual
C166 Family Instruction Set Manual1.6 MB03 Jan 201202_00
C166S V1 SubSystem User ManualEN3.2 MB22 Jul 201501_06
OCDS Level 1 JTAG Connector c166-s-v1-architecture-and-core
C166 Family Instruction Set Manual c166-s-v1-architecture-and-core
EN c166-s-v1-architecture-and-core