DC-DC LED Driver IC and Linear Control Solutions

Evaluation Boards LED Driver IC
ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenBudgetary Price €€/1kTypeDimmingVSIout
1. High Performance Digital Buck Controller
ILD2111active and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free-BuckDigital-2.5 V600.0 V10.0 mA3000.0 mA
2. LED Driver ICs for high power LEDs
ILD6150active and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free0.84BuckAnalog or digital-4.5 V60.0 V1500.0 mA1500.0 mA
ILD6070active and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free0.71BuckAnalog or digital-4.5 V60.0 V700.0 mA700.0 mA
ILD4035 E6327active and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.33BuckAnalog or digital-4.5 V40.0 V350.0 mA400.0 mA
ILD4120 E6327discontinuedPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free0.59Buck--4.5 V40.0 V1200.0 mA1200.0 mA
ILD4180discontinuedPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free-Buck--4.75 V45.0 V1800.0 mA1800.0 mA
TLE4309Gactive and preferredPG-TO263-7RoHS Halogen-free0.66Linear--4.5 V24.0 V500.0 mA500.0 mA
ILD4071active and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free-Buck--6.0 V45.0 V500.0 mA700.0 mA
3. LED Driver ICs for medium power LEDs
BCR320Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.19Linearno-1.4 V25.0 V250.0 mA300.0 mA
BCR321Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.19LinearDigital-1.4 V25.0 V250.0 mA300.0 mA
BCR420Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.19Linearno-1.4 V40.0 V150.0 mA200.0 mA
BCR421Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.19LinearDigital-1.4 V40.0 V150.0 mA200.0 mA
4. LED Driver ICs for low power LEDs
BCR401Ractive and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 0.09LinearDigital-1.2 V18.0 V10.0 mA60.0 mA
BCR401Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.12LinearDigital-1.4 V40.0 V10.0 mA65.0 mA
BCR401Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free0.08LinearDigital-1.2 V18.0 V10.0 mA60.0 mA
BCR402Ractive and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 0.09LinearDigital-1.2 V18.0 V20.0 mA60.0 mA
BCR402Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.12LinearDigital-1.4 V40.0 V20.0 mA65.0 mA
BCR402Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free0.08LinearDigital-1.4 V18.0 V20.0 mA60.0 mA
BCR405Uactive and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.12LinearDigital-1.4 V40.0 V50.0 mA65.0 mA
5. LED Controller IC
BCR205Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free0.14Linearno-0.2 V18.0 V0.5 mA50.0 mA
BCR450active and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.29LinearDigital-8.0 V27.0 V70.0 mA3000.0 mA
ILD4001 E6327active and preferredPG-SC74-6RoHS 0.33BuckAnalog or digital-4.5 V42.0 V10.0 mA3000.0 mA
ILD1151active and preferredPG-SSOP-14RoHS Halogen-free-Multi-Topology--4.5 V45.0 V70.0 mA3000.0 mA
ILD1150active and preferredPG-SSOP-14RoHS Halogen-free-Multi-Topology--4.75 V45.0 V70.0 mA3000.0 mA
6. 0-10V Dimming Interface IC
CDM10Vactive and preferredPG-SOT23-6RoHS Halogen-free-0-10V Dimming Interface ICAnalog or digital11.0 V--5.0 mA5.45 mA