PowIRaudio Integrated Amplifiers

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenChannelsOutput PowerPackageSupply VoltageTechnology
IR4301Mactive and preferredPQFN-22L (5 X 6)RoHS Halogen-free1.0130W (4 Ohms) no Heatsink160W (4 Ohms) HeatsinkPQFN 22 5x6mm80.0 VCMCM
IR4322Mactive and preferredQFN 7X7 44LRoHS Halogen-free2.050W (2 Ohms) no Heatsink100W (2 Ohms) HeatsinkPQFN 44 7x7mm60.0 VCMCM
IR4312Mactive and preferredQFN 7X7 44LRoHS Halogen-free2.035W (4 Ohms) Heatsink35W (4 Ohms) no HeatsinkPQFN 44 7x7mm40.0 VCMCM
IR4321Mactive and preferredPQFN-22L (5 X 6)RoHS Halogen-free1.090W (2 Ohms) no Heatsink135W (2 Ohms) HeatsinkPQFN 22 5x6mm60.0 VCMCM
IR4311Mactive and preferredPQFN-22L (5 X 6)RoHS Halogen-free1.035W (4 Ohms) no Heatsink35W (4 Ohms) HeatsinkPQFN 22 5x6mm40.0 VCMCM
IR4302Mactive and preferredQFN 7X7 44LRoHS Halogen-free2.070W (4 Ohms) no Heatsink130W (4 Ohms) HeatsinkPQFN 44 7x7mm80.0 VCMCM