ISL5416: Four-Channel Wideband Programmable DownConverter

The ISL5416 Four-Channel Wideband Programmable Digital DownConverter (WPDC) is designed for high dynamic range applications such as cellular basestations where the processing of multiple channels is required in a small physical space. The WPDC combines four channels in a single package, each including: an NCO, a digital mixer, digital filters, an AGC and a resampling filter.

All channels are independently programmable and may be updated in real time. Each of the four channels can select any of the four digital input buses. Each of the tuners can process a W-CDMA channel. Channels may be cascaded or polyphased for increased bandwidth. Selectable outputs include I samples, Q samples, and AGC gain. Outputs from the part are available over the parallel, serial or uP interfaces.

Key Features
  • Up to 95MSPS Input
  • Four Parallel 16-bit Fixed or 17-bit Floating Point Inputs
  • Programmable RF Attenuator/VGA Control
  • 32-Bit Programmable Carrier NCO with > 110dB SFDR
  • 20-bit Internal Data Path
  • Filter Functions
    • Multi-Stage Cascaded-Integrator-Comb (CIC) Filter
    • Two programmable FIR Filters (first up to 32-taps, second up to 64-taps)
    • Half Band Interpolation Filter
    • Resampling FIR Filter
  • Overall decimation from 1 to >4096
  • Digital AGC with up to 96dB of Gain Range
  • Up to Four Independent 16-bit Parallel Outputs
  • Serial Output Option
  • 16-bit Parallel µP Interface
  • 1.8V core, 3.3V I/O Operation
  • Evaluation Board and Configuration Software available
  • Pb-free available
  • Basestation Receivers: GSM/EDGE, CDMA2000, UMTS
Typical Diagram
Application Notes
TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
AN1016: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) in ISL5416 3G QPDCPDF13 Nov 2014301 KB
AN1017: A/D Range Control Using the ISL5416 3G QPDCPDF13 Nov 2014514 KB
AN1014: CDMA2000 and W-CDMA on the ISL5416 Quad Programmable Down ConverterPDF13 Nov 2014252 KB
TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
ISL5416 DatasheetPDF17 Nov 20141.88 MB
TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
ISL5416 Evaluation Board Software v1.0.1EXE07 Oct 20144.65 MB
HSP50216, ISL5216, ISL5416 USB Interface SoftwareZIP31 Oct 201411.09 MB
Order Information
Part NumberPackage TypeWeight(g)PinsMSL RatingPeak Temp (°C)RoHS Status
ISL5416KI256 Ld BGA0.7052563240
ISL5416KIZ256 Ld BGA0.7052563260RoHS
ISL5416 Datasheet 17 Nov 2014
256 Ld BGA ISL5416
AN1016: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) in ISL5416 3G QPDC 13 Nov 2014
AN1017: A/D Range Control Using the ISL5416 3G QPDC 13 Nov 2014
AN1014: CDMA2000 and W-CDMA on the ISL5416 Quad Programmable Down Converter 13 Nov 2014
ISL5416 Evaluation Board Software v1.0.1 07 Oct 2014
HSP50216, ISL5216, ISL5416 USB Interface Software 31 Oct 2014