LT1210 - 1.1A, 35MHz Current Feedback Amplifier

The LT®1210 is a current feedback amplifier with high output current and excellent large-signal characteristics. The combination of high slew rate, 1.1A output drive and ±15V operation enables the device to deliver significant power at frequencies in the 1MHz to 2MHz range. Short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown ensure the device’s ruggedness. The LT1210 is stable with large capacitive loads, and can easily supply the large currents required by the capacitive loading. A shutdown feature switches the device into a high impedance and low supply current mode, reducing dissipation when the device is not in use. For lower bandwidth applications, the supply current can be reduced with a single external resistor.

The LT1210 is available in the TO-220 and DD packages for operation with supplies up to ±15V. For ±5V applications the device is also available in a low thermal resistance SO-16 package.

  • 1.1A Minimum Output Drive Current
  • 35MHz Bandwidth, AV = 2, RL = 10Ω
  • 900V/μs Slew Rate, AV = 2, RL = 10Ω
  • High Input Impedance: 10MΩ
  • Wide Supply Range: ± 5V to ±15V (TO-220 and DD Packages)
  • Enhanced θJA SO-16 Package for ±5V Operation
  • Shutdown Mode: IS < 200μA
  • Adjustable Supply Current
  • Stable with CL = 10,000pF
  • Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to 85°C
  • Available in 7-Lead DD, TO-220 and 16-Lead SO Packages
Typical Application
LT1210 Typical Application
LT1210 Typical Application
  • Cable Drivers
  • Buffers
  • Test Equipment Amplifiers
  • Video Amplifiers
  • ADSL Drivers
LT1210 Package Drawing
LT1210 Package Drawing
LT1210 Package Drawing
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DC296ALT1361CS8, LT1210CR | Mobile-CPU VRM Tester, 1 Input, 3 Output with 15A Load PulserContact Factory
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