LT5520 - 1.3GHz to 2.3GHz High Linearity Upconverting Mixer

The LT5520 mixer is designed to meet the high linearity requirements of wireless and cable infrastructure transmission applications. A high-speed, internally matched, LO amplifier drives a double-balanced mixer core, allowing the use of a low power, single-ended LO source. An RF output transformer is integrated, thus eliminating the need for external matching components at the RF output, while reducing system cost, component count, board area and system-level variations. The IF port can be easily matched to a broad range of frequencies for use in many different applications.

The LT5520 mixer delivers 15.9dBm typical input 3rd order intercept point at 1.9GHz with IF input signal levels of –10dBm. The input 1dB compression point is typically 4dBm. The IC requires only a single 5V supply.

  • Wide RF Output Frequency Range: 1.3GHz to 2.3GHz
  • 15.9dBm Typical Input IP3 at 1.9GHz
  • On-Chip RF Output Transformer
  • No External LO or RF Matching Required
  • Single-Ended LO and RF Operation
  • Integrated LO Buffer: –5dBm Drive Level
  • Low LO to RF Leakage: – 41dBm Typical
  • Wide IF Frequency Range: DC to 400MHz
  • Enable Function with Low Off-State Leakage Current
  • Single 5V Supply
  • Small 16-Lead QFN Plastic Package
Typical Application
LT5520 Typical Application
LT5520 Typical Application
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Cable Downlink Infrastructure
  • Point-to-Point Data Communications
  • High Linearity Frequency Conversion
LT5520 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LT5520EUF#PBF4x4 QFN-16E$5.93$4.15
LT5520EUF#TRPBF4x4 QFN-16E$4.25
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC644ALT5520EUF | High Signal Level Upconverting Mixer$125.00
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