LTC6430-15 - High Linearity Differential RF/IF Amplifier/ADC Driver

The LTC®6430-15 is a differential gain block amplifier designed to drive high resolution, high speed ADCs with excellent linearity beyond 1000MHz and with low associated output noise. The LTC6430-15 operates from a single 5V power supply and consumes only 800mW.

In its differential configuration, the LTC6430-15 can directly drive the differential inputs of an ADC. Using 1:2 baluns, the device makes an excellent 50Ω wideband balanced amplifier. While using 1:1.33 baluns, the device makes a high fidelity 50MHz to 1000MHz 75Ω CATV amplifier.

The LTC6430-15 is designed for ease of use, requiring a minimum of support components. The device is internally matched to 100Ω differential source/load impedance. Onchip bias and temperature compensation ensure consistent performance over environmental changes.

The LTC6430-15 uses a high performance SiGe BiCMOS process for excellent repeatability compared with similar GaAs amplifiers. All A-grade LTC6430-15 devices are tested and guaranteed for OIP3 at 240MHz. The LTC6430-15 is housed in a 4mm × 4mm, 24-lead, QFN package with an exposed pad for thermal management and low inductance. For a single-ended 50Ω IF gain block with similar performance, see the related LTC6431-15.

  • 50.0dBm OIP3 at 240MHz into a 100Ω Diff Load
  • NF = 3.0dB at 240MHz
  • 20MHz to 2000MHz Bandwidth
  • 15.2dB Gain
  • A-Grade 100% OIP3 Tested at 240MHz
  • 1.0nV/√Hz Total Input Noise
  • S11 < –15dB Up to 1.2GHz
  • S22 < –15dB Up to 1.2GHz
  • >2.75VP-P Linear Output Swing
  • P1dB = 24.0dBm
  • Insensitive to VCC Variation
  • 100Ω Differential Gain-Block Operation
  • Input/Output Internally Matched to 100Ω Diff
  • Single 5V Supply
  • DC Power = 800mW
  • Unconditionally Stable
  • 4mm × 4mm, 24-Lead QFN Package
Typical Application
LTC6430-15 Typical Application
LTC6430-15 Typical Application
  • Differential ADC Driver
  • Differential IF Amplifier
  • OFDM Signal Chain Amplifier
  • 50Ω Balanced IF Amplifier
  • 75Ω CATV Amplifier
  • 700MHz to 800MHz LTE Amplifier
LTC6430-15 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LTC6430AIUF-15#PBF4x4 QFN-24I$8.95$6.44
LTC6430AIUF-15#TRPBF4x4 QFN-24I$6.50
LTC6430BIUF-15#PBF4x4 QFN-24I$5.13$3.69
LTC6430BIUF-15#TRPBF4x4 QFN-24I$3.75
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC1774A-ALTC6430-15 100-400MHz board$120.00
DC1774A-BLTC6430-15 400-1000MHz board$120.00
DC1946ALTC6430-15 with LTC2158-14 Combo Demoboard | 15dB IF Amplifier with 14-bit 310Msps Dual ADC, req DC1371$250.00
DC2032ALTC6430-15 75Ohm IF Amplifier board$150.00
DC2090ALTC6430-15 Demo Board | 50MHz to 1200MHz Parallel Connected, Boosted OIP3, ADC/IF Amplifier$150.00
DC2153ALTC6430-15 Demoboard 300MHz to 1700MHz Differential ADC Driver/IF/RF Amplifier$150.00
Companion Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC1371BFMC High-Speed Data Acquisition Board$1,950.00
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