LTZ1000 - Ultra Precision Reference

The LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A are ultra stable temperature controllable references. They are designed to provide 7V outputs with temperature drifts of 0.05ppm/°C, about 1.2µVP-P of noise and long term stability of 2µV/√kHr.

Included on the chip is a subsurface Zener reference, a heater resistor for temperature stabilization, and a temperature sensing transistor. External circuitry is used to set operating currents and to temperature stabilize the reference. This allows maximum fl exibility and best long term stability and noise.

The LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A references can provide superior performance to older devices such as the LM199, provided that the user implements the heater control and properly manages the thermal layout. To simplify thermal insulation, the LTZ1000A uses a proprietary die attach method to provide signifi cantly higher thermal resistance than the LTZ1000.

  • 1.2µVP-P Noise
  • 2µV/√kHr Long Term Stability
  • Very Low Hysteresis
  • 0.05ppm/°C Drift
  • Temperature Stabilized
  • 400°C/W Thermal Resistance for LTZ1000A Reduces Insulation Requirements
  • Specified for –55°C to 125°C Temperature Range
  • Offered in TO-99 package
Typical Application
LTZ1000 Typical Application
LTZ1000 Typical Application
  • Voltmeters
  • Calibrators
  • Standard Cells
  • Scales
  • Low Noise RF Oscillators
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