MAX9121EVKIT:Evaluation Kit for the MAX9121, MAX9122, MAX9123

The MAX9121 evaluation kit (EV kit) contains a flow-through low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) quad differential line driver (MAX9123) and receiver (MAX9121). The differential line driver accepts LVTTL or LVCMOS inputs and translates them to LVDS output signals. The receiver accepts LVDS inputs and translates them to single-ended LVCMOS outputs. Both circuits operate with high data rates and low power dissipation. The MAX9121 EV kit is designed with 50Ω controlled-impedance traces in a four-layer PC board. It is specially designed for direct differential probing of the LVDS I/O. Connection points are provided for the attachment of a cable to carry the LVDS signals. The EV kit operates from a single 3.3V supply. In addition, a 1.2V power-supply input is provided for testing the driver's high-impedance propagation delays. A separate supply option for the driver and receiver allows testing of the common-mode performance of the receiver. The MAX9121 EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX9122, which is the same as the MAX9121 but with integrated 107Ω (nominal) termination resistors. Additional pads on the board are provided for dynamically driving the enable and disable control signals with a pulse generator.

Key Features
  • Independent Driver (MAX9123) and Quad Receiver (MAX9121/MAX9122) Circuits
  • >500Mbps (250MHz) Switching Rate (MAX9121/MAX9122)
  • >800Mbps (400MHz) Switching Rate (MAX9123)
  • Supports Testing of Twisted-Pair Cables
  • 50Ω Controlled-Impedance Traces
  • 16-Pin TSSOP Package
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Add/Drop Multiplexers
  • Backplane and Interconnect Applications
  • Cell Phone Base Stations
  • Clock/Data Distribution
  • Digital Copiers
  • Digital Cross-Connects
  • Laser Printers
  • Network Routers and Switches
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