LPC4367JBD208: High Performance 32-bit Microcontroller based on ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0

The LPC436x are ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers for embedded applications, which include an ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor and an ARM Cortex-M0 subsystem for managing peripherals, up to 1 MB of flash and 154 kB of on-chip SRAM, 16 kB of EEPROM memory, a quad SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI), advanced configurable peripherals such as the SCTimer/PWM and the Serial General Purpose I/O (SGPIO) interface, two High-speed USB controllers, Ethernet, LCD, an external memory controller, and multiple digital and analog peripherals. The LPC436x operate at CPU frequencies of up to 204 MHz.

The ARM Cortex-M4 is a 32-bit core that offers system enhancements such as low power consumption, enhanced debug features, and a high level of support block integration. The ARM Cortex-M4 CPU incorporates a 3-stage pipeline, uses a Harvard architecture with separate local instruction and data buses as well as a third bus for peripherals, and includes an internal prefetch unit that supports speculative branching. The ARM Cortex-M4 supports single-cycle digital signal processing and SIMD instructions. A hardware floating-point processor is integrated into the core.

The LPC436x include an application ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor and a second ARM Cortex-M0 subsystem for managing the SGPIO and SPI peripherals.The ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor is an energy-efficient and easy-to-use 32-bit core which is upward code- and tool-compatible with the Cortex-M4 core. The Cortex-M0 coprocessor, designed as a replacement for existing 8/16-bit microcontrollers, offers up to 204 MHz performance with a simple instruction set and reduced code size. In LPC436x, the Cortex-M0 coprocessor hardware multiply is implemented as a 32-cycle iterative multiplier.

Data Sheets (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
32-bit ARM Cortex-M4/M0 MCU; up to 1 MB flash and 154 kB SRAM; Ethernet, two High-speed USB, LCD, EMC (REV 1.2) PDF (2.9 MB) LPC436X14 Mar 2016
Errata (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Errata sheet LPC436x flash-based devices (REV 2.1) PDF (93.0 kB) ES_LPC436X_FLASH24 May 2016
Users Guides (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
LPC43xx/LPC43Sxx ARM Cortex-M4/M0 multi-coremicrocontroller (REV 2.1) PDF (12.2 MB) UM1050317 Dec 2015
Package Information (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
plastic low profile quad flat package; 208 leads; body 28 x 28 x 1.4 mm (REV 1.0) PDF (884.0 kB) SOT459-108 Feb 2016
Reports or Presentations (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Driving LPC1700/LPC1800/LPC4300 with EPSON Crystals (REV 1.1) PDF (209.0 kB) R_1007627 Nov 2015
Supporting Information (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Footprint for wave soldering (REV 1.0) PDF (11.0 kB) HTQFP-HLQFP-LQFP-MSQFP-WAVE08 Oct 2009
Ordering Information
ProductStatusCoreClock speed [max] (MHz)DMIPSFlash (kB)RAM (kB)EEPROM (kB)SecurityGPIOEthernetUSBUSB (speed)USB (type)LCDCANUARTI²CSPII²SADC channelsADC (bits)ComparatorsADC sample rateDAC (bits)TimersTimer (bits)SCTimer / PWMRTCPWMQEIPackage nameTemperature rangeSupply voltage [min] (V)Supply voltage [max] (V)Temperature sensorIOHDemoboardProduct category
LPC4367JBD208ActiveCortex-M4 & M0204430102415416N14212242328100400 ksps1041321161LQFP208-40 °C to +105 °C2.43.60NOM13088190-LPC4300-
Package Information
Product IDPackage DescriptionOutline VersionReflow/Wave SolderingPackingProduct StatusPart NumberOrdering code(12NC)MarkingChemical ContentRoHS / Pb Free / RHFLeadFree Conversion DateMSLMSL LF
LPC4367JBD208SOT459-1HTQFP-HLQFP-LQFP-MSQFP-WAVETray, Bakeable, Single in DrypackActiveLPC4367JBD208E (9353 061 32551)Standard MarkingLPC4367JBD208Always Pb-free33
32-bit ARM Cortex-M4/M0 MCU; up to 1 MB flash and 154 kB SRAM; Ethernet, two High-speed USB, LCD, EMC LPC4367JET256
Errata sheet LPC436x flash-based devices LPC4367JET256
LPC43xx/LPC43Sxx ARM Cortex-M4/M0 multi-coremicrocontroller LPC43S70FET256
Driving LPC1700/LPC1800/LPC4300 with EPSON Crystals LPC43S70FET256
SOT459-1 LPC43S67JBD208