KE1xZ: Kinetis KE1xZ-72 MHz, Mainstream with Touch Interface 5V Microcontrollers based on ARM® Cortex®-M0+

KE1xZ MCUs are based on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core, running up to 72 MHz. These MCUs support up to 256 KB flash, 32 KB RAM, and a complete set of analog/digital features. The robust TSI module provides a high level of stability and accuracy to any HMI system. The 1-Msps ADC and FlexTimer modules provides a perfect solution for BLDC motor-control systems.

Robust MCU with 256KB Flash and TSI
  • 72 MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ core supporting a broad range of processing bandwidth requirements while maintaining excellent cost-effectiveness, easy to use packages and a wide range of memory densities
  • Enhanced robust IOs make sure the high performance under noisy environment
  • Robust TSI supports both mutual cap mode and self cap mode, providing flexibility for upto 36 touch keys.
  • Flextimer featured 8ch PWM supports 3-phase motor control with dead time insertion and fault detect
  • 1MSPS 12b ADC with up to 16ch input per module, provides fast sampling rate for prompt data conversion and storage
  • Analog comparator for fast response to external analog change
  • Programmable delay block with flexible trigger system providing various interconnections for on chip modules, ADC, DAC, Flextimers, ACMP, etc.
  • FlexIO provides flexibility for serial communication interface implementation
  • Boot ROM provides on chip boot code and serial port drivers that could save flash space and provide flexible boot options and in system programming support
  • Faster time to market with comprehensive enablement solutions, including SDK (drivers, libraries, stacks), IDE, bootloader, RTOS, online community and more
Data Sheets (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Kinetis KE1xZ with up to 256 KB Flash (REV 2) PDF (1.6 MB) KE1XZP100M72SF021 Sep 2016
Errata (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Errata Mask 1N36S for Kinetis® MCUs (REV 1) PDF (141.7 kB) KINETIS_E_1N36S15 Sep 2016
Reference Manuals (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Kinetis KE1xZ Sub-Family Reference Manual (REV 2) PDF (12.1 MB) KE1XZP100M72SF0RM21 Sep 2016
Product Briefs (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Kinetis KE1xZ256 Highly Robust General-Purpose MCUs (REV 0) PDF (460.2 kB) KE1XZ256PB26 Aug 2016
Supporting Information (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Kinetis SDK v.2.0.0 Release Notes Supporting MKE1xZ7 Devices (REV 0) PDF (390.8 kB) KSDK200KE1XZ7RN12 Sep 2016
Ordering Information
ProductStatusBudgetary Price excluding tax(US$)Core TypeOperating Frequency (Max) (MHz)On-chip SRAM (KB)UARTSPII2CI2SCANHuman Machine InterfacePackage type
MKE15Z128VLL7Active10K @ US$1.70
MKE14Z128VLH7Active10K @ US$1.49
MKE14Z128VLL7Active10K @ US$1.63
MKE14Z256VLL7Active10K @ US$1.91
MKE15Z128VLH7Active10K @ US$1.56
MKE15Z256VLH7Active10K @ US$1.84
MKE14Z256VLH7Active10K @ US$1.77
MKE15Z256VLL7Active10K @ US$1.97
Package Information
Package DescriptionOutline VersionPackingProduct StatusPart NumberChemical ContentRoHS / Pb FreeChina RoHS LookupMSLPPT (°C)
LQFP 64 10*10*1.4P0.598ASS23234WMPQ - 160 TRAYPOQ - 800 BOXActiveMKE14Z128VLH7MKE14Z128VLH7.pdf3260
MPQ - 160 TRAYPOQ - 800 BOXActiveMKE14Z256VLH7MKE14Z256VLH7.pdf3260
MPQ - 160 TRAYPOQ - 800 BOXActiveMKE15Z128VLH7MKE15Z128VLH7.pdf3260
MPQ - 160 TRAYPOQ - 800 BOXActiveMKE15Z256VLH7MKE15Z256VLH7.pdf3260
LQFP 100 14SQ1.4P0.5 C9098ASS23308WMPQ - 90 TRAYPOQ - 450 BOXActiveMKE14Z128VLL7MKE14Z128VLL7.pdf3260
MPQ - 90 TRAYPOQ - 450 BOXActiveMKE14Z256VLL7MKE14Z256VLL7.pdf3260
MPQ - 90 TRAYPOQ - 450 BOXActiveMKE15Z128VLL7MKE15Z128VLL7.pdf3260
MPQ - 90 TRAYPOQ - 450 BOXActiveMKE15Z256VLL7MKE15Z256VLL7.pdf3260
Kinetis KE1xZ with up to 256 KB Flash ke1xz
Errata Mask 1N36S for Kinetis® MCUs ke1xz
Kinetis KE1xZ Sub-Family Reference Manual ke1xz
Kinetis KE1xZ256 Highly Robust General-Purpose MCUs ke1xz
Kinetis SDK v.2.0.0 Release Notes Supporting MKE1xZ7 Devices ke1xz
98ASS23234W K51_72
MKE14Z128VLH7.pdf ke1xz
MKE14Z256VLH7.pdf ke1xz
MKE15Z128VLH7.pdf ke1xz
MKE15Z256VLH7.pdf ke1xz
98ASS23308W K51_72
MKE14Z128VLL7.pdf ke1xz
MKE14Z256VLL7.pdf ke1xz
MKE15Z128VLL7.pdf ke1xz
MKE15Z256VLL7.pdf ke1xz