Audio DACs

OrderPackage versionPackage nameProduct descriptionInput formatsOutput formatsControl InterfaceVP [min - max] (V)T[min] - [max]Resolution [max] (8451;)Sampling rate [min] - [max] (Bits)Power dissipation [Typ] (kHz)DAC SNo [Typ] (dB)Remarks (dB)
UDA1334ATSSOT369-1SSOP16Low power stereo audio DAC including WordSelect PLLI2SAnalog2.4 - 3.6-40 - +852416 - 10018100WordSelect PLL is used to generate the systemclock: no need to route systemclock to the IC. Has video mode supporting 2
UDA1334BTSSOT369-1SSOP16Low power stereo audio DAC (with lower Vdd support)I2SAnalog1.8 - 3.6-40 - +85248 - 1007.497