NFC and Reader ICs

NFC Frontend Solutions
  • CLRC66302HN: High-performance multi-protocol NFC frontend
  • MFRC52202HN1: Standard performance MIFARE® and NTAG® frontend
  • MFRC52302HN1: Standard performance ISO/IEC 14443 A/B frontend
  • MFRC63002HN: High-performance MIFARE® and NTAG® frontend
  • MFRC63102HN: High-performance ISO/IEC 14443 A/B frontend
  • PN512: Full NFC Forum-compliant frontend
  • PN5180: High-Performance Multi-Protocol Full NFC Forum-Compliant Frontend
  • PN547: PN547
  • PN65T: PN65T
  • SLRC61002HN: High-Performance ICODE® frontend
NFC Controller Solutions
  • PN746X_736X_SERIES: NFC Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on ARM® Cortex®-M0 Core
  • PN5321A3HN: NFC integrated solution
  • PN5331B3HN: USB NFC integrated solution
  • PN7120: Full NFC Forum-Compliant Controller with Integrated Firmware and NCI Interface
  • PN7150B0HN: High performance full NFC Forum-compliant controller with integrated firmware and NCI interface
  • PR5331C3HN: USB NFC integrated reader solution
  • PR601HL: High performance NFC integrated reader solution
  • PRH601HL: Multi-frequency integrated reader solution
Contact Smart Card Reader ICs
  • TDA8007BHL: Multiprotocol IC card interface
  • TDA8020HL: Dual IC card interface
  • TDA8023TT: Low power IC card interface
  • TDA8024: Standard smart card interface
  • TDA8025HN: Low voltage supply smart card interface
  • TDA8026ET: Multiple smart card slot interface
  • TDA8029HL: Low power single card reader
  • TDA8034: Low power smart card interface
  • TDA8035HN: High integrated and low power smart card interface
  • TDA8037: Low power 3V smart card interface
MIFARE SAMs for Reader Systems
  • P5DF081: MIFARE secure access module SAM AV2 (RC52x) or AV2.6 (RC663)
HITAG Reader ICs