DSI and PSI5 Components

OrderDevice FunctionBudgetary Price excluding tax(US$)SafeAssure Functional SafetyPackage Type and Termination CountCommunication ProtocolData Rate (Min) (kbps)Data Rate (Max) (kbps)Data Rate (Spec) (kbps)Load Supply Voltage (Min) (V)Load Supply Voltage (Max) (V)Supply Voltage (Min-Max) (V)Interface and Input ControlAmbient Operating Temperature (Min-Max) (°C)ProtectionDiagnosticsAdditional Features-Analog
MC33780Comm Transceivers1K @ US$3.40SOIC 16DSI51504.75 to 5.25SPI-40 to 85Overcurrent, Overcurrent Protected Bus, OvertemperatureSPIPOWER Transfer Over Bus
MC33781Comm Transceivers1K @ US$4.07SOIC-EP 32DSI52009254.75 to 5.25SPI-40 to 90Load Dump, Overcurrent, OvertemperatureSPISpread Spectrum Noise Suppress, POWER Transfer Over Bus, Differential Drive
MC33784Comm Transceivers1K @ US$1.60SOIC 16DSI52004.95.16 to 30Bus-40 to 125Undervoltage DetectionBus
MC33789Comm Transceivers, Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, System Basis Chip1K @ US$3.82Quality ManagedQFP-EP 64PSI51255.86.75.2 to 20SPI-40 to 125Bus Short Circuit to Battery, Output Short to Ground, OvercurrentSPI
MC33793Comm Transceivers1K @ US$1.26SOIC 16DSI51505.5 to 30Parallel-40 to 85Undervoltage, Bus Short Circuit to BatteryBusOn-Chip bit Error Checking, POWER Extraction from Bus, Bus Short-Battery Detct and Rptg, A/D Converter and Digital I/O