NXH2280UK: NFMI radio for wireless audio and data streaming

The NXP® NxH2280 is a fully integrated single-chip solution that enables wireless audio streaming and data communication using Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI), a mature technology that has a proven track record in the hearing industry.

This ultra-low-power, single-chip solution, optimized for wireless audio and data communication using a Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) radio, provides a robust and tightly-contained body-area network around the user.

  • Single-chip solution for wireless audio and data streaming
  • Second-generation NFMI technology Low power, robust, and private 596 kbit/s transmission rate Worldwide applicable Low absorption by human body tissue
  • Integrated ARM Cortex-M0 processor Extensive set of peripherals Fully customer programmable
  • CoolFlux® DSP for audio processing
  • Works standalone or with external MCU
  • Flexible embedded network Up to 15 devices Optimized protocol for low-latency ear-to-ear communication Up to 2 audio Tx, 2 audio Rx, and multiple data streams in parallel
  • Supported audio sampling frequencies: 16 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Ultra-low-power operation bidirectional audio streaming: 1.2 mA @ 16 kHz sampling rate unidirectional audio streaming: 1.95 mA @ 48 kHz sampling rate
  • Packaged as bumped die < 11 mm²
  • Operates off a single ZnAir battery
  • Supported by a complete starter kit Application boards LPCXpresso firmware environment Software development kit

  • Power efficient, robust and private
  • Human body compatible
  • Customer programmable
  • Flexible embedded network
  • Allows high integration factor
  • Ultra-low-power operation

Application Notes (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
Flip chip (REV 3.0) PDF (100.0 kB) AN1176103 Oct 2016
Brochures (1)
Name/DescriptionModified Date
NXP® NFMIradio NxH2280 (REV 1.0) PDF (530.0 kB) 7501764509 Nov 2015
Package Information
Product IDPackage DescriptionOutline VersionReflow/Wave SolderingPackingProduct StatusPart NumberOrdering code(12NC)MarkingChemical ContentRoHS / Pb Free / RHFLeadFree Conversion DateMSLMSL LF
NXH2280UK/C1DevelopmentNXH2280UK/C1Z (9353 073 02012)Standard MarkingNXH2280UK/C1Always Pb-free11