StarCore® Digital Signal Processors

Multicore DSPs
  • MSC8126: Quad Core 16-bit DSP with Ethernet, TCOP and VCOP
  • MSC8152: High-Performance Dual-Core DSP
  • MSC8154: High-Performance Quad-Core DSP
  • MSC8154E: High-Performance Quad-Core DSP with Security
  • MSC8156: High-Performance Six-Core DSP
  • MSC8156E: High-Performance Six-Core DSP with Security
  • MSC8157: MSC8157 Broadband Wireless Access DSP
  • MSC8252: High-Performance Dual-Core DSP
  • MSC8254: High-Performance Quad-Core DSP
  • MSC8256: High-Performance Six-Core DSP
Single-Core DSPs
  • MSC8151: High-Performance Single-Core DSP
  • MSC8251: High-Performance Single-Core DSP