LM4808 LM4808 双路 105 mW 耳机放大器


The LM4808 is a dual audio power amplifier capable of delivering 105mW per channel of continuous average power into a 16Ω load with 0.1% (THD+N) from a 5V power supply.

Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to provide high quality output power with a minimal amount of external components using surface mount packaging. Since the LM4808 does not require bootstrap capacitors or snubber networks, it is optimally suited for low-power portable systems.

The unity-gain stable LM4808 can be configured by external gain-setting resistors.

  • WSON, VSSOP, and SOIC Surface Mount Packaging
  • Switch On/Off Click Suppression
  • Excellent Power Supply Ripple Rejection
  • Unity-Gain Stable
  • Minimum External Components
Key Specifications
  • THD+N at 1kHz at 105mW Continuous Average Output Power Into 16Ω 0.1 % (typ)
  • THD+N at 1kHz at 70mW Continuous Average Output Power Into 32Ω 0.1 % (typ)
  • Output Power at 0.1% THD+N at 1kHz Into 32Ω 70 mW (typ)
THD (%)0.05
Headphone ChannelsStereo
Output Power (W)0.105
Half Power THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) (kHz)0.05
Operating Temperature Range (C)-40 to 85
PSRR (dB)89
Pin/Package8SOIC 8VSSOP
Approx. Price (US$)0.26 | 1ku
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LM4808 Dual 105 mW Headphone AmplifierPDF17232013年 5月 1日
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Guidelines for Measuring Audio Power Amplifier PerformancePDF7652001年 10月 30日
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LM4808M/NOPBACTIVE-40 to 850.31 | 1kuSOIC (D) | 8LM48 08M95 | TUBE
LM4808MM/NOPBACTIVE-40 to 850.26 | 1kuVSSOP (DGK) | 8G081000 | LARGE T&R
LM4808MMX/NOPBACTIVE-40 to 850.26 | 1kuVSSOP (DGK) | 8G083500 | LARGE T&R
LM4808MX/NOPBACTIVE-40 to 850.26 | 1kuSOIC (D) | 8LM48 08M2500 | LARGE T&R

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LM4808 Dual 105 mW Headphone Amplifier LM4808
AN-1849 An Audio Amplifier Power Supply Design TLV320DAC3100-Q1
Guidelines for Measuring Audio Power Amplifier Performance TLV320DAC3100-Q1