AD2S44:  低成本、14位、双通道自整角机/旋变数字转换器

AD2S44 功能框图AD2S44是一款14位、双通道、连续跟踪自整角机/旋变数字转换器,专门针对优先考虑空间、重量和成本的应用而设计。每个32引脚混合器件均含有两个独立的Type II伺服环路跟踪转换器。它采用比率转换技术,提供出色的抗扰度,并支持长引线。转换的核心部分由采用ADI公司专有BiMOS II工艺制造的先进单芯片集成电路(IC)完成,该工艺兼有低功耗CMOS数字逻辑与双极性线性电路两种技术的优势。使用这些IC可以减少内部元件,并确保高可靠性。内置测试(BIT)功能可以用在故障安全系统中,指示转换器是否正在准确跟踪。每个通道均集成用于信号输入的高精度差分调理电路,共模抑制性能超过74 dB。自整角机和旋变格式输入均提供相应的选项。转换器通过一个三态透明锁存器提供输出,读取数据时无需中断转换器操作。A/B和OE控制线用于选择通道,并将数字位置信息提供给公共数据输出。AD2S44还具有独立的参考输入,各通道可以使用不同的参考频率。所有元件均在−55°C、+25°C和+125°C下进行100%测试。器件按照高可靠性筛选标准进行加工,并经过进一步的测试和筛选,确保高度可靠。

The AD2S44 is a 14-bit dual channel, continuous tracking synchro/ resolver-to-digital converter. It has been designed specifically for applications where space, weight, and cost are at a premium. Each 32-lead hybrid device contains two independent Type II servo loop tracking converters. The ratiometric conversion technique employed provides excellent noise immunity and tolerance of long lead lengths.The core of each conversion is performed by state-of-the-art mono-lithic, integrated circuits manufactured by the Analog Devices, Inc., proprietary BiMOS II process, which combines the advantages of low power CMOS digital logic with bipolar linear circuits. The use of these ICs keeps the internal component count low and ensures high reliability.The built-in test (BIT) facility can be used in failsafe systems to provide an indication of whether the converter is tracking accurately.Each channel incorporates a high accuracy differential condi-tioning circuit for signal inputs providing more than 74 dB of common-mode rejection. Options are available for both synchro and resolver format inputs. The converter output is via a three-state transparent latch allowing data to be read without interruption of the converter operation. The A/B and OE control lines select the channel and present the digital position to the common data outputs.The AD2S44 also features independent reference inputs where different reference frequencies can be used for each channel.All components are 100% tested at −55°C, +25°C, and +125°C. Devices are processed to high reliability screening standards and receive further levels of testing and screening to ensure high levels of reliability.

  • 每个通道成本较低
  • 32引脚DIL混合封装
  • 精度:2.6弧分
  • 14位分辨率
  • 内置测试功能
  • 独立的参考输入
  • 高跟踪速率
  • Vel Lnrty (+/- FSR max): n/a
  • Interface: Parallel
  • Encoder Emulation: No
  • Power (mW): 1700mW
  • Package: DH-32E
  • Resolution (Bits): 14bit
  • Max Track Rate (+/- rps): 20
  • Accuracy (arcmin): 4
  • Ref Freq (Hz): 400-2.6k
  • Vel o/p: No
产品型号 封装 引脚 温度范围 包装和数量 报价*(100-499) 报价*1000 pcs
AD2S44-TM11B 产品状态: 量产 32 ld BB Hybrid DIP (43.89mm) 32 军用 1 $ 1,273.79 -
AD2S44-TM12B 产品状态: 量产 32 ld BB Hybrid DIP (43.89mm) 32 军用 1 $ 1,273.79 -
AD2S44-TM18B 产品状态: 量产 32 ld BB Hybrid DIP (43.89mm) 32 军用 1 $ 1,273.79 -
AD2S44-UM18B 产品状态: 量产 32 ld BB Hybrid DIP (43.89mm) 32 军用 1 $ 1,533.31 -

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AD2S44 数据手册DataSheet 下载. pdf
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