AD7877:  触摸屏控制器

AD7877是一款12位逐次逼近型ADC,具有同步串行接口以及用于驱动触摸屏的低导通电阻开关,采用2.7 V至5.25 V单电源供电(2.2 V也可正常运转),吞吐量为125 kSPS。AD7877可用于两个输入上的电池测量、温度测量和触摸压力测量。AD7877还具有一个2.5 V片上基准电压源。不使用时,可关断基准电压源以降低功耗。也可以使用外部基准电压,并可在1 V至+VCC范围内变化,模拟输入范围为0 V至VREF。这款器件具有关断模式,此模式下功耗不足1 µA。片上ADC的相位采集通过STOPACQ引脚来控制,这样可以降低来自LCD的噪声影响。用户可编程转换控制包括可变采集时间及第一转换延迟。每次转换可利用多达16个均值。该器件还有一个片上DAC,用来控制LCD背光或对比度。AD7877采用转换序列器与定时器,可在从模式或主模式下工作,非常适用于电池供电系统,如带电阻触摸屏的个人数字助理及其它便携式设备。该器件提供两种封装:32引脚架构芯片级封装(LFCSP)和25引脚晶圆级芯片规模封装(WLCSP)。

AD7877 功能框图The AD7877 is a 12-bit, successive approximation ADC with a synchronous serial interface and low on resistance switches for driving touch screens. The AD7877 operates from a single 2.7 V to 5.25 V power supply (functional operation to 2.2 V), and features throughput rates of 125 kSPS. The AD7877 features direct battery measurement on two inputs, temperature and touch-pressure measurement.The AD7877 also has an on-board reference of 2.5 V. When not in use, it can be shut down to conserve power. An external reference can also be applied and varied from 1 V to +VCC, with an analog input range of 0 V to VREF. The device includes a shutdown mode that reduces its current consumption to less than 1 µA.To reduce the effects of noise from LCDs, the acquisition phase of the on-board ADC is controlled via the STOPACQ pin. User-programmable conversion controls include variable acquisition time and first conversion delay. Up to 16 averages can be taken per conversion. There is also an on-board DAC for LCD back-light or contrast control. The AD7877 runs in either slave or master mode using a conversion sequencer and timer. It is ideal for battery-powered systems such as personal digital assistants with resistive touch screens and other portable equipment.The part is available in a 32-lead lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP), and a 25-ball wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP).

AD7877 特性
  • 4线触摸屏接口
  • LCD降噪特性(STOPACQ引脚)
  • 自动转换序列器与定时器
  • 用户可编程的转换参数
  • 片内温度传感器:-40°C至+85°C
  • 2.5 V片内基准电压源
  • 片内8位DAC
  • 3个辅助模拟输入
  • 1个专用GPIO和3个可选GPIO
  • 2个电池测量通道(0.5 V至5 V)
  • 3个中断输出
  • 触摸压力测量
AD7877 技术指标
  • Resolution (Bits): 12bit
  • # Chan: 9
  • Sample Rate: 125kSPS
  • Interface: Ser
  • Analog Input Type: SE-Uni
  • Ain Range: Uni (Vref),Uni 2.5V
  • ADC Architecture: SAR
  • Pkg Type: CSP
AD7877 应用领域
  • 个人数字助理
  • 智能手持式设备
  • 触摸屏监控器
  • POS终端机
  • 医疗设备
  • 蜂窝电话
  • 寻呼机
AD7877 芯片订购指南

产品型号 封装 引脚 温度范围 包装和数量 报价*(100-499) 报价*1000 pcs
AD7877ACBZ-REEL 产品状态: 量产 25 Ball WLCSP 25 工业 Reel, 10000 $ 2.20 $ 2.15
AD7877ACBZ-REEL7 产品状态: 量产 25 Ball WLCSP 25 工业 Reel, 3000 - $ 2.15
AD7877ACPZ-500RL7 产品状态: 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业 Reel, 500 - $ 2.15
AD7877ACPZ-REEL 产品状态: 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业 Reel, 5000 - $ 2.15
AD7877ACPZ-REEL7 产品状态: 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业 Reel, 1500 - $ 2.15
AD7877WACPZ-REEL7 产品状态: 量产 32 ld LFCSP (5x5mm CP-32-2) 32 工业 Reel, 1500 - $ 2.30
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