AD9201ARS:  Dual Channel 20 MHz 10-Bit Resolution CMOS ADC

The AD9201 is a complete dual channel, 20 MSPS, 10-bit CMOS ADC. The AD9201 is optimized specifically for applications where close matching between two ADCs is required (e.g., I/Q channels in communications applications). The 20 MHz sampling rate and wide input bandwidth will cover both narrow-band and spread-spectrum channels. The AD9201 integrates two 10-bit, 20 MSPS ADCs, two input buffer amplifiers, an internal voltage reference and multiplexed digital output buffers.

AD9201ARS 特点
AD9201ARS 技术指标
Resolution (Bits) 10bit Interface Par
T-Put Rate 20MSPS Ain Range 1 V p-p,2 V p-p
# Chan 1 SNR (dB) 57.8dB
Supply V Single(+3),Single(+3.3),Single(+5) Pkg Type SOP
Pwr Diss (max) 245mW -- --
产品型号 产品状态 封装 引脚 温度范围
AD9201ARS 量产 28 ld SSOP 28 工业
AD9201ARSRL 量产 28 ld SSOP 28 工业
AD9201ARSZ 量产 28 ld SSOP 28 工业
AD9201ARSZRL 量产 28 ld SSOP 28 工业
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