AD9481:  8位、250 MSPS、3.3 V ADC

AD9481是一款8位单芯片模数转换器(ADC),专门针对高速和低功耗进行了优化。该产品尺寸小且易于使用,转换速率为250 MSPS,在整个工作范围内都具有出色的线性度和动态性能。为使系统成本和功耗达到最低,AD9481内置了一个基准电压源和采样保持电路。用户只需要提供一个3.3 V电源和一个差分编码时钟。对于大多数应用来说,无需外部基准电压源或驱动器件。


The AD9481 is an 8-bit, monolithic analog-to-digital converter (ADC) optimized for high speed and low power consumption. Small in size and easy to use, the product operates at a 250 MSPS conversion rate, with excellent linearity and dynamic performance over its full operating range.

To minimize system cost and power dissipation, the AD9481 includes an internal reference and track-and-hold circuit. The user only provides a 3.3 V power supply and a differential encode clock. No external reference or driver components are required for many applications.

The digital outputs are TTL/CMOS-compatible with an option of twos complement or binary output format. The output data bits are provided in an interleaved fashion along with output clocks that simplifies data capture.The AD9481 is available in a Pb-free, 44-lead, surface-mount package (TQFP-44) specified over the industrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C).

AD9481 特点
AD9481 技术指标
AD9481 应用领域
AD9481 亮点
  1. Superior linearity. A DNL of ±0.35 makes the AD9481 suitable for many instrumentation and measurement applications
  2. Power-down mode. A power-down function may be exercised to bring total consumption down to 15 mW.
  3. De-multiplexed CMOS outputs allow for easy interfacing with low cost FPGAs and standard logic.
  4. 出色的线性度:微分非线性(DNL)仅为±0.35,使AD9481适合大多数仪器仪表与测量应用。
  5. 省电模式:可通过进入省电模式,将总功耗降至15 mW。
  6. 通过解复用CMOS输出,能够与低成本FPGA和标准逻辑实现轻松接口。
AD9481 功能框图

AD9481 芯片订购指南

产品型号 产品状态 封装 引脚 温度范围
AD9481-PCB 量产 评估板 48 待定
AD9481-PCBZ 量产 评估板 48 待定
AD9481BSUZ-250 量产 44 ld TQFP (10x10mm) 44 待定
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