AT91M42800A-33AU 32位ARM单片机LQFP-144封装

Status Production
SRAM (Bytes) 8K
External Bus Interface 1
Peripheral DMA Channels 8
Max. Clock Speed (MHz) 33
I/O Pins 54
16-bit Timers 6
Period Interval Timer 1
Watchdog Timer 1
Crystal Oscillator/PLL 39815
I/O Voltage Domain (V) 3.3/5.0
Single Supply Y
Pb-Free Packages LBGA 144
LQFP 144
AT91M42800A-33AU 产品描述

The AT91M42800A is a member of theAtmel AT91 16/32-bit microcontroller family, which is based on the ARM7TDMI processor core. This processor has a high-performance 32-bit RISC architecture with a high-density 16-bit instruction set and very low power consumption. In addition, a large number of internally banked registers result in very fast exception handling, making the device ideal for real-time control applications. The AT91 ARM-based MCU family also features Atmel’s high-density, in-system programmable, nonvolatile memory technology.

TheAT91M42800A has a direct connection to off-chip memory, including Flash, through the External Bus Interface. The Power Management Controller allows the user to adjust device activity according to system requirements, and, with the 32.768 kHz low-power oscillator, enables theAT91M42800A to reduce power requirements to an absolute minimum.

TheAT91M42800A is manufactured using Atmel’s high-density CMOS technology. By combining the ARM7TDMI processor core with on-chip SRAM and a wide range of peripheral functions including timers, serial communication controllers and a versatile clock generator on a monolithic chip, the AT91M42800A provides a highly flexible and cost-effective solution to many compute-intensive applications.

AT91M42800A-33AU 参数
  1. Status:Production
  2. SRAM (Bytes):8K
  3. USART/DBGU:2/-
  4. Max. Clock Speed (:33
  5. I/O Pins:54
  6. External Bus Inter:1
  7. Peripheral DMA Cha:8
  8. SPI:2
  9. 16-bit Timers:6
  10. Period Interval Ti :1
  11. Watchdog Timer :1
  12. RTC/RTT :-/1
  13. Crystal Oscillator :1/2
  14. ARM Core :7TDMI
  15. I/O Voltage Domain: 3.3/5.0
  16. Single Supply : Y
  17. 绿色封装: LBGA 144 LQFP 144
AT91M42800A-33AU 特点
AT91M42800A-33AU 订购型号
Ordering Code Package Package Type Operating Temperature Range
AT91M42800A-33CJ BGA 144 RoHS-compliant -40° C to +85°C
AT91M42800A-33AU LQFP 144 Green -40° C to +85°C
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